Vajda – Spring Special!

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Spring special


VAJDA canoes&kaykas presents spring special for all canoe clubs. Our special boats with construction Styrolight® are affordable easier then even before.


BUY 10 Styrolight® boats and get one for FREE. Offer is valid till 31.May 2010.

Styrolight® boats have high resistance and toughness. One of the biggest advantages is low weight comparing to PE (polyethylene) plastics boats. Weight of Styrolight® boats is similar to Fiberglass-Epoxy constructions with incomparable better shock resistance. Specific weight is 1,1 g/cm3.


Mentioned material properties in the combination with favorable price predestinating Styrolight® boats for kids, beginners and developing paddlers. Colour range is very wide and also metallic colors are available for all offered boat models.


Available boat models:


Any existing Vajda canoes&kayaks boat model can be produced from Styrolight®, approximately time necessary for product preparation is about 10 days.  Nowadays we can offer following models with Styrolight® construction:



SLALOM K1 Smurf, C1 Martikan, Lady Lizard, J Lizard SPRINT K1 Minisonic 

Styrolight® material description 



82 Rue De Callisto

Gatineau, Quebec

J9J3Z1, Gatineau


Authorized dealer for North America

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