Grant Rawstron; Our Community Sport Hero in Langley

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The Community Sport Hero® Award was created by Sport BC in 2001. These awards recognize coaches, officials, mentors and administrators who have dedicated themselves to grow and develop amateur sport at the community level. The commitment and leadership of people like these have allowed athletes and communities to grow and shape sport in BC and inspire others to become involved in sport.

Grant’s tireless dedication to bring a wide range of paddling opportunities to the Langley area is second to none.

With Grant’s leadership over the past years, the Fort Langley Canoe and Kayak Club has grown to over 350 members partaking in the sport in a variety of boats ranging in size from kayaks to dragon boats and includes ocean canoes and voyageurs. Grant has fostered all aspects of paddling from those who desire casual paddling, to historical re-enactments, to nurturing competitive athletes to reach their goals whether that is at the local level or the Canada Games & National level.

The August BC Day Voyageur activities in partnership with the Fort Langley National Historic Site provides the entire community with the opportunity to relive the colorful history of British Columbia settlers and are a draw for visitors to the Langley area. Grant ensures that as many people as possible get to participate in the boats.

Even though Grant always has a full plate, he is never too busy to take on something new, pitch in and roll up his sleeves to make sure the job gets done. These attributes coupled with his dedication to inclusiveness make him a true community leader.

Grant’s most recent accomplishment is the Paddle Sport facilities and big boat docks on the Bedford Channel in Fort Langley. This is the successful result of a decade of hard work, leadership and foresight. Not only does this facility provide much needed day to day safe water access, it also provides a venue for National level competition.

He helps organize the Douglas Day Parade and was a founding member of the Fort Langley Legacy Foundation, Friends of the Fort and the Fort Langley Economic Committee. He was instrumental in the resurrection of the Fort Langley Chamber of Commerce. He was a scout leader. He has donated his time and expertise doing dental missionary work to third world countries. Grant is also the current president of Canoe Kayak B.C.

Grant’s resume of volunteerism speaks for itself.

On Wednesday, April 21st alongside the BC Summer Games Torch Lighting there will be a ceremony, recognizing five community sport volunteers at the Langley Events Centre.  Congratulations Grant!


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