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BC Athlete Voice is diligently working on becoming the source you as a BC athlete’s go to for all your funding and sponsorship information. We already have a website full of athlete resources on this topic and have recently opened up our communication lines to be more visible to all of our members.


BC Athlete Voice is now sharing their information on facebook and twitter. We encourage anyone with either of these accounts to follow and/or like us.


In the past three months since we launched these two pages our followers have had the chance to come across well over $15,000 in awards, grants and bursaries and scholarships they most likely wouldn’t have known about if there weren’t a follower.


We keep up to date in athlete info across all 64 Provincial Sports with the goal of being a resource all athletes in BC can reach to, whether it be for leadership opportunities, conferences and forums, or awards and funding.


We can be found at both of these links:


If you use either of these social networks we strongly suggest following BC Athlete Voice!


Thanks from everyone at BC Athlete Voice!


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