Aaron Rublee and Nicole Haywood off to World Cup

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CanoeKayak Canada announces 36-member team for World Cup events

CanoeKayak Canada announced today a strong and experienced 36 member team for two upcoming World Cup competitions later this month in Europe. The selections were based on results this past weekend at the first national team trials.

The World Cup competitions are scheduled for May 21-22 in Racice, Czech Republic and May 27-29 in Duisburg, Germany.

Those two World Cups serve both as the selection races for the singles entries (K1’s and C1’s) for the world championship team, and also as an opportunity to get race experience ready for the world championships in singles and crew boats (K2’s, K4’s, C2’s). The worlds are August 17-21 in Szeged, Hungary.

‘’I am happy that some very good performances have been produced by our experienced athletes as well as our younger developing athletes,’’ said Barney Wainwright, CanoeKayak Canada’s sprint high performance director.

‘’We will be evaluating our results at the upcoming World Cups to get a true gauge of our performance level and to make sure we are on track for qualifying Olympic places at the world championships later this year.’’

In men’s canoe, Richard Dalton of Halifax and Mark Oldershaw of Burlington, Ont., lead the charge following impressive victories on the weekend in the C-1 200 and C-1 1,000 respectively. Canada has a strong C-2 1,000 entry with Andrew Russell of Dartmouth and Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny of Trois-Rivières, Que. Ben Russell of Dartmouth races the C-1 1,000 and Thomas Hall of Pointe-Claire the C-2. Aaron Rublee of Kamloops, B.C., and Paul Bryant and Roland Varga, both of Richmond Hill, Ont., round out the canoers.

In men’s kayak, three-time Olympic medallist Adam Van Koeverden of Oakville showed strong early season form on the weekend in the men’s K-1 1,000 while Mark de Jonge of Dartmouth, N.S., and Rhys Hill of Ottawa emerged as a force in the K-1 200 at trials. Also racing in kayak are Angus Mortimer and Corey Hamilton, of Ottawa, Brady Reardon of Burlington, Ont., Christopher Mehak of Toronto, Connor Taras and Neil Lang of Waverley, N.S., Etienne Morneau of Lac-Beauport, Que., Hughes Fournel of Dorval, Que., Philippe Duchesneau of Sherbrooke, Que., Ryan Cochrane of Windsor, N.S., and Steve Jorens of Richmond Hill.

There’s plenty of experience in women’s kayak as well with Émilie Fournel of Lachine, Que., qualified for both the K-1 500 and 200 along with Geneviève Beauchesne-Sévigny of Trois-Rivieres, Que., Genevieve Orton of Lake Echo, N.S., KC Fraser of Mississauga, Ont., Kia Byers of Regina, Kristin Gauthier of Ottawa, Lissa Bissonnette of Sherbrooke, Que., Mylanie Barré of Lac-Beauport, Que., Nicole Brown of Waverley, N.S., and Una Lounder, Dartmouth, N.S.

Finally in women’s canoe, Laurence Vincent-Lapointe, Trois-Rivieres, Que., headlines a strong trio with Mallorie Nicholson of Oakville, Ont., and Nicole Haywood of Nanaimo, B.C.

Canadian canoe and kayak team and their assignments for World Cups May 21-22 in Racice, Czech Republic and May 27-29 in Duisburg, Germany (clubs in brackets)



C-1 200m: Richard Dalton, Halifax (Cheema); Aaron Rublee, Kamloops, B.C. (Burloak)

C-1 1,000m: Mark Oldershaw, Burlington, Ont. (Burloak); Ben Russell, Dartmouth, N.S. (Banook)

C-2 1,000m: Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny, Trois-Rivieres, Que., (Trois-Rivieres) and Andrew Russell, Dartmouth (Banook); Paul Bryant, Richmond Hill, Ont. (Richmond Hill) and Roland Varga, Richmond Hill, Ont (Richmond Hill); Ben Russell, Dartmouth, N.S. (Banook), Thomas Hall, Pointe-Claire, Que. (Pointe-Claire).


K-1 200m: Mark de Jonge, Dartmouth, N.S.(Banook); Rhys Hill, Ottawa (Rideau).

K-2 200m: Connor Taras, Waverley, N.S. (Banook) and Etienne Morneau, Lac-Beauport, Que.(Lac-Beauport); Hughes Fournel, Dorval, Que.(Lachine) and Ryan Cochrane, Windsor, N.S.(Lachine).

K-1 1,000m: Adam Van Koeverden, Oakville, Ont. (Burloak) and Angus Mortimer, Ottawa (Pointe-Claire).

K-2 1,000m: Neil Lang, Waverley, N.S.(Cheema) and Christopher Mehak, Toronto (Burloak).

K-4 1,000m: Brady Reardon, Burlington, Ont. (Burloak), Corey Hamilton, Ottawa (Rideau), Philippe Duchesneau, Sherbrooke, Que.(Pointe-Claire) and Steve Jorens, Richmond Hill (Lac-Beauport).


C-1 200m : Laurence Vincent-Lapointe, Trois-Rivieres, Que.(Trois-Rivieres); Nicole Haywood, Nanaimo, B.C.(Rideau).

C-2 500m : Laurence Vincent-Lapointe, Trois-Rivieres, Que.(Trois-Rivieres) and Mallorie Nicholson, Oakville, Ont.(Burloak);

Kayak :

K-1 200m : Kia Byers, Regina (Wascana); Émilie Fournel, Lachine, Que.(Lachine).

K-1 500 : Émilie Fournel, Lachine, Que.(Lachine); Kristin Gauthier, Ottawa (Rideau).

K-2 500m : Geneviève Beauchesne-Sévigny, Trois-Rivieres, Que.(Trois-Rivieres) and Una Lounder, Dartmouth, N.S. (Senobe); Lissa Bissonnette, Sherbrooke, Que.(Pointe-Claire) and Nicole Brown, Waverley, N.S.(Cheema).

K-4 500m : Kristin Gauthier, Ottawa (Rideau); Genevieve Orton, Lake Echo, N.S.(Orenda); KC Fraser, Mississauga, Ont.(Balmy Beach); Mylanie Barré, Lac-Beauport, Que.(Lac-Beauport).


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