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The estimated economic activity during the 2009 Canoe Sprint World Championships in Dartmouth, NS was $15million

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·         Biomechanics of Dragon Boat Paddling

·         Measurement of Sprint Kayaks

·         Determinants of Kayak Paddling Performance

·         Performance Enhancement With Music in Rowing Sprint

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·         Canoe/Kayak Canada

·         Dragon Boat Canada

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On the Water

Summer is prime time to get outside and on the water. Kayaking, canoeing, dragon boating and rowing are just a few popular sports to take advantage of when the weather (and the water) is warmer. Paddle sports are accessible to all abilities and age groups at a recreational or competitive level. Like many summer sports, paddle sport participants need to stay healthy and injury free. Strength and fitness training can reduce common upper body injuries like sprains, strains and tendinitis. Nutrition is also important to keep athletes hydrated and properly fueled on hot summer days.

At SIRC, we have compiled resources that can help you optimize your performance and have a fantastic season on the water.

·         Waking the Dragon and Making it Fly

·         Whitewater Injury Survey

·         Paddler Health and Fitness

·         Fueling Athletes for Training and Competition

·         News from SIRC

·         Ask A SIRC Librarian

Feature Articles

Waking the Dragon and Making it Fly

Focusing on dragon boat racing for children with special needs, this article discusses Dragon Boat Canada’s policy regarding features of the sport for people with disabilities and provides facts on dragon boating. Highlighted is the dragon boat program for children with disabilities created by the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health in British Columbia, with the goal of helping children work on their therapies and learn life skills.

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Supplementary Article:

Disability Sport at an Elite Level: Adaptive Rowing

Whitewater Injury Survey

This study gathered retrospective data on paddling style, equipment, and acute and chronic/overuse injuries in hard shell whitewater canoe and kayak paddlers, to compare injury rates and patterns in different groups of paddlers, and to evaluate the incidence in paddlers of self-reported giardia infection. It is concluded that shoulder and wrist/hand areas were the most common injured sites in this survey. Sprains, tendinitis, lacerations, and contusions were the most common known injury diagnoses. Injuries due to portage were common. Giardia infection may be common in whitewater paddlers.

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Supplementary Article:

Canoeing Injuries & Kayaking Injuries

Paddler Health and Fitness: Musculoskeletal Fitness

Resistance training is used to encourage paddlers to achieve musculoskeletal fitness. In paddling sports, a high incidence of shoulder injuries can be avoided if enthusiasts develop muscular strength and endurance in structural integrity. During rescues, the importance of musculoskeletal fitness also becomes evident. To measure one’s musculoskeletal fitness, simple tests which can be performed at home are discussed. These muscular endurance tests are the pull-up, the push-up and the partial curl-up tests.

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Supplementary Article:

Ask a Pro: Coaches Across Canada Answer

Fueling Athletes for Training and Competition

Athletes need to be prepared no matter what activity they are participating in and one area that can affect performance is nutrition. Whether you are rowing, paddling, running, cycling, etc. planning what to eat for training and competition should be part of your plan. This article provides an explanation of what you need to know for pre-workout, during workout, post-workout and recovery nutrition.

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Supplementary Article:

Canoe Sprint: Nutrition Fact Sheet

News from SIRC

All Canadians are invited to contribute to the next Canadian Sport Policy.

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A: Complete the survey.


·  Why is sport important to you?

·  How can we make it easier for all Canadians to participate in sport?

·  How do we encourage excellence?

Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey.


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SIRC is pleased to be able to share the attached articles from the SIRC Collection with you. Please note these articles represent the views of the authors and not necessarily those of SIRC.

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