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Sprint Nationals Performances

Attached is a copy of the ‘feature’ performances of our athletes that recently attended the Sprint Nationals in Welland.  18 BC athletes attended the event and of these, 13 performed at a level that nominates them for a High Performance status.  It was also exciting to see that 4 clubs were represented and the overall results were strong.

1111 athletes participated in the National Championships from 42 clubs across Canada.

In overall points Ridge with 7 athletes finished 21st with 50 points, Victoria with 4 athletes was 26th with 30 points, Kamloops with 3 athletes was 28th with 21 points and Pitt Meadows with 4 athletes was 30th with 19 points.

In the Midget Men’s Burgee standings Victoria Youth tops the province finishing 4th; Kamloops is 11th.

In the Juvenile Men’s Burgee standings Ridge tops the province finishing 5th.

In the Senior Men’s  Burgee standings Pitt Meadows tops the province with a 10th place finish.

Congratulations to all on a job well done!


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Help keep our waters healthy for everyone


Sarah Odell

Recruitment Coordinator
Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup


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WCG Team – Meet Chelsea (Alternate)


What is sport to the cat is death to the mouse

-German Proverb-

Eighteen year old Chelsea Routley has been paddling for 3 years now, and is excited to be part of Team BC. In her role as ‘alternate’ she has seized the opportunity to get faster and hopes to continue paddling while attending Trinity Western University in the fall.

Her best performance so far was qualifying for National Championships last year and being able to race against high performance athletes from all over the country. Her athlete role model is Tim Brabants, an Olympic and World Champion K1 paddler from the UK who is also an emergency room doctor.

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WCG Team – Meet Paul (Alternate)


"If you never lose then you can never appreciate the victories." 
-Laura Twitchell –

Paul Whitmore (Burnaby Canoe and Kayak Club – Burnaby resident) has been paddling for 5 years, but switched to canoe a year and a half ago to race for a spot on the Western Canada Games team. His greatest accomplishment so far is being named as alternate to the men’s canoe team for the Games.  Being able to train with the team up till their departure for the Games has provided lots of great competition and training opportunities.  Paul is excited to continue training with the goal of being selected for the next Canada Games.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys playing lacrosse, hockey and running. At the cross-country ski training camp last winter, he had fun with the rest of the paddlers learning how to ski. After jumping??? off a chairlift and falling 9 feet, he is considering sticking with sports where there was no snow or heights involved. I guess canoeing is the perfect sport for you, right Paul?

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WCG Team – Meet Zach


“Champions keep playing until they get it right.”

Billie Jean King-

Kamloops native Zach Morgan is excited to race and hear his sister, Kate Morgan, sing the Game’s song, which she wrote herself! The 15 year old canoer has been paddling for 7 years and attended the last Western Canada Games to watch his older sister compete in the same discipline.  Zach’s main goal for the regatta is to win more medals than his sister did four years ago!  He hopes to medal in the C2 500 and 200 m races.  Later in August Zach will be racing at Nationals and hopes to medal in midget C2 with Keiffer Johnson.

Zach’s career highlight was beating the American champion at this year’s Slawko Fedechko Season Opener in the 500 and 200m distances.  He continues to push himself, and wants to meet High Performance Squad Times in C1.  Even as a child, he dreamed big, wanting to be an astronaut and travel into space.

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WCG Team – Meet Keiffer


“It is not how big you are, it’s how big you play.”

-Author Unknown

Hometown boy Keiffer Johnson is nervous and excited about having Western Canada Games at home. He says “there is a lot more support from your friends and family, but also more pressure because you don’t want to let anyone down.” Keiffer hopes to be top 4 in all of his races at the Games.

Keiffer has had an amazing 7 years in the sport.  Last year he placed 4th at National Championships in the C1 – 200 m event, racing against boys who were a year older than him. This year, his goal is to medal in 2 races and continue training for the next Canada Summer Games and Junior Worlds. He has done a lot of planning already to achieve those lofty goals by juggling his school courses to ensure he can graduate early and focus his preparations.

Keiffer gets fast by eating well and cross-training. His favorite food is waffles with nutella and he enjoys playing basketball, soccer, whitewater kayaking and scuba diving in his spare time.

This spring Keiffer attended a training camp in Florida and was able to spend some quality time paddling with successful Kamloops canoers Aaron and Corey Rublee.   After falling out of his boat at training camp, he tells us that he’s never swam faster before.  Apparently having alligators in the water is a good motivation for athletes to stay in their boat.  Let’s hope there is something in the Shumway water that makes him go fast!

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WCG Team – Meet Brook


"Don’t be content with average because average is just as close to the bottom as it is to the top." 
-Danielle Ballentine-

Kamloops native Brook McLean is excited to be racing in her hometown. After paddling both canoe and kayak for 6 years, she finally decided to make the switch to canoe permanent last year after purchasing a boat at Nationals  She was encouraged by her teammates, coaches and parents to make the switch permanent.

Brook participates in a number of other sports outside of canoeing, including diving, kickboxing, cross country skiing, soccer and badminton. She recently quit competitive diving to focus on canoeing, and her best accomplishment was winning the CanoeKayak BC Female Bantam of the Year award last year.

Although Brook is not quite sure what to expect at the Games; she is hoping for some podium finishes.  Because she is younger than many of her competitors from the other provinces she has not had many opportunities to compete against them.  She if a firm believer in mental preparation and works closely with the team’s trainer to ensure she has the edge when she heads to the starting line tomorrow.

After the Games, she is going to Nationals and hopes to make finals in some of her C1 races racing in an age group competition. Brook has dreams of continuing to paddle  and joining the RCMP after she graduates from high school.