WCG Team – Meet Brook

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"Don’t be content with average because average is just as close to the bottom as it is to the top." 
-Danielle Ballentine-

Kamloops native Brook McLean is excited to be racing in her hometown. After paddling both canoe and kayak for 6 years, she finally decided to make the switch to canoe permanent last year after purchasing a boat at Nationals  She was encouraged by her teammates, coaches and parents to make the switch permanent.

Brook participates in a number of other sports outside of canoeing, including diving, kickboxing, cross country skiing, soccer and badminton. She recently quit competitive diving to focus on canoeing, and her best accomplishment was winning the CanoeKayak BC Female Bantam of the Year award last year.

Although Brook is not quite sure what to expect at the Games; she is hoping for some podium finishes.  Because she is younger than many of her competitors from the other provinces she has not had many opportunities to compete against them.  She if a firm believer in mental preparation and works closely with the team’s trainer to ensure she has the edge when she heads to the starting line tomorrow.

After the Games, she is going to Nationals and hopes to make finals in some of her C1 races racing in an age group competition. Brook has dreams of continuing to paddle  and joining the RCMP after she graduates from high school.


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