WCG Team – Meet Keiffer

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“It is not how big you are, it’s how big you play.”

-Author Unknown

Hometown boy Keiffer Johnson is nervous and excited about having Western Canada Games at home. He says “there is a lot more support from your friends and family, but also more pressure because you don’t want to let anyone down.” Keiffer hopes to be top 4 in all of his races at the Games.

Keiffer has had an amazing 7 years in the sport.  Last year he placed 4th at National Championships in the C1 – 200 m event, racing against boys who were a year older than him. This year, his goal is to medal in 2 races and continue training for the next Canada Summer Games and Junior Worlds. He has done a lot of planning already to achieve those lofty goals by juggling his school courses to ensure he can graduate early and focus his preparations.

Keiffer gets fast by eating well and cross-training. His favorite food is waffles with nutella and he enjoys playing basketball, soccer, whitewater kayaking and scuba diving in his spare time.

This spring Keiffer attended a training camp in Florida and was able to spend some quality time paddling with successful Kamloops canoers Aaron and Corey Rublee.   After falling out of his boat at training camp, he tells us that he’s never swam faster before.  Apparently having alligators in the water is a good motivation for athletes to stay in their boat.  Let’s hope there is something in the Shumway water that makes him go fast!


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