Congratulations to Pemberton Canoe Association’s Jenna Spencer

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The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) is pleased to announce the five recipients of the 2011 Stacey Levitt Women and Sport Scholarship. These young women, from various regions of Canada, all share a passion for sport, serve as role models in their communities, and believe in empowering others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Stacey Levitt Women and Sport Scholarship was established in honour and memory of the life of Stacey Levitt, a superior athlete and top student who was struck and killed by a car while jogging on August 30th, 1995. Stacey participated in sport for the sheer joy of the experience, its camaraderie, its teamwork and its competition. This is the 15th year that the $2,500 scholarship has been awarded by her family to a young woman, a girls’ team or sport organization that exemplify Stacey’s ideals and qualities. Each recipient will receive $500 and a copy of the book I Am a Rose, which is a compilation of poetry written by Stacey Levitt.

2011 Recipients
Angel Anderson, Edmonton, Alta. – Boxing
Sheena Dubyk, Prince Albert, Sask. – Wrestling / Hockey
Alannah MacLean, Sudbury, Ont. – Cross-Country Skiing
Jordan Sequillion, Kingston, Ont. – Archery
Jenna Spencer, Mount Currie, B.C. – Luge / Dragon boat / Canoe / Kayak

Stacey’s parents, Ned and Cheryl Levitt, selected this year’s recipients from a candidate pool of more than 500 applications. “August 30th marked the 16th anniversary of our precious Stacey’s passing. She would be very proud, as we are, of all the talented young women from across Canada who are setting and reaching their goals,” said Cheryl Levitt. “Stacey said it best in her poem To Everyone.”

Set a goal
and reach it!
Hold your head high!
Don’t settle for second,
be first!
Aim for the top,
use your power!
Let yourself go
up, up,
to the zenith of your being!
Believe in yourself!
You can do whatever you want
if you really set your heart to it!

(Stacey Levitt, 1989 at the age of 12 years)
Congratulations to the 2011 Stacey Levitt Women and Sport Scholarship Recipients!

To read the recipients’ full bios, visit:


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