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We have put together a few options for this year’s spring training camp
to not only offer a high performance training environment but also offer
quality race experience to the athletes. There is a regatta being held
on April 14th in Pitt Meadows, BC and a regatta being held on April 28th
and 29th in Gig Harbour, Seattle. The Trials at the end of the training
camp are a part of the training camp so anyone participating in the camp
will race at the Trials however the other 2 regattas are optional. Athletes can choose between the 4 following options:

1. Attend Training Camp + Race at Trials 2. Race in Pitt Meadows Regatta + Attend Training Camp + Race at
Trials 3. Race Pitt Meadows Regatta + Attend Training Camp + Trials + Race
Gig Harbour Regatta 4. Attend Training Camp + Race at Trials + Race Gig Harbour Regatta


2011 National Team athletes

CanoeKayak athletes aspiring to represent Canada Nationally in Paracanoe

New athletes to the sport of CanoeKayak are encouraged to attend the
training Camp


On-water and off-water training sessions in an enhanced High Performance


To identify any athlete who meets the 2012 Selection Criteria for the
2012 World Championships in Poznan, Poland


Training Camp Venue:

Zajac Ranch

(Approx an 1.5 hours from Vancouver)

Regatta (April 14th):

Pitt Meadows Canoe Club

(Approx an hour from Vancouver)

National Team Trials (April 27th):

Ridge Canoe Club or Burnaby Lake (TBC)

Regatta (April 28th and 29th):

Gig Harbour Canoe Club

(Approx an hour from Seattle)


April 13th to April 29th

(Start and end dates flexible depending on which of the presented
options you choose)

April 14th – Pitt Meadow Regatta

April 16th to 26th – Training Camp

April 27th – Para National Team Trials

April 28th – Gig Harbour Regatta (Seattle)


Option #1: Fly to Abbotsford Airport on April 13th (those racing in Pitt
Meadows Regatta) Option #2: Fly to Vancouver Airport on April 15th
(those arriving for the start of camp)

Option #1: Fly home from Vancouver Airport on April 27th (those leaving
after Para Trials)

Option #2: Fly home from Seattle Airport on April 29th (those leaving
after Gig Harbour Regatta)


BEFORE booking your flights, please send Christine the proposed
itinerary for approval of your arrival time and departure times. We want
to coordinate when people are arriving on the 13th / 15th and leaving on
the 27th / 29th so we can easily arrange pick-ups / drops-offs.

Note: Abbotsford is the preferred airport for athletes racing in Pitt
Meadows regatta and arriving in the evening on April 13th and West Jet
flies to Abbotsford

Vancouver / Abbotsford airports are both options for anyone arriving on
April 15th


Meals and Accommodation at Zajac for the camp are covered by CKC

Flights to Abbotsford / Vancouver must be paid by the athlete

Flights home from Vancouver / Seattle must be paid by the athlete

Transportation from the airport to the training camp / regatta will be

Hotel rooms in Abbotsford for the Pitt Meadows Regatta will be covered
by CKC

Hotel rooms in Seattle for the Gig Harbour Regatta will be covered by

Meals at Pitt Meadows Regatta and Gig Harbour will be covered by the

***Available funds for travel to Seattle will depend on the number of
athletes participating in the Gig Harbour regatta but do note there may
be a modest fee to help cover the costs


There will be approx 9 on-water workouts per week and 2 off-water
workouts per week.

There will be 2 assessments in the camp – the 1st in week 1 and the 2nd
in week 2 to monitor individual progress from week to week and give the
coaches an idea of base level at the start of camp. The intensity of the
workouts will increase throughout the camp with a technical focus for
each workout. The race format for the Pitt Meadows and Gig Harbour
regattas are to be confirmed (this info will be circulated once we
receive it). The trails race format will be 200m races – heats, semis,


Dorms have been booked at Zajac Resort

Accommodation at Zajac will be based on group occupancy (female dorm +
male dorm)

Hotel rooms will be booked on double occupancy


All new athletes who have not been classified will have an opportunity
to be classified from

April 24 – 26th.


Coaches – Jeff Van Horne, Emma Visser, Karen Lukanovich, Christine Bain

Classifiers – John Edwards, Andrea Waters, Shelly Malcolm-Beazley

On-site coordinating – MJ Abbott

Volunteers – welcome (please contact Christine Bain)


Athletes are required to identify the coach with whom they are currently
working so I can follow-up with coaches and verify that you have been
training and will be able to fully participate in all the training


Please email cbain@canoekayak.ca NO LATER

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