Dartfish helps aboriginal children in quest for gold

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Industry leading video analysis software giant Dartfish is helping a
remote aboriginal community on the west coast of Canada in ways never
before seen. Dartfish has teamed up with Sport Technologist, Jason Anson
to provide Ditidaht First Nation with the latest technological tools for
video analysis to help them in their quest to become champions in the
sport of canoeing at the upcoming Provincial Championship in both
Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal events this September, 2012.

For more than a 1000 years the Ditidaht First Nation people have been
paddling and today they live on Nitinaht Lake, British Columbia. A
unique lake that opens to the Pacific Ocean. It’s a place where the
salmon come back to spawn and lay their eggs as part of their life
cycle. Imagine seeing a lake with steelhead, trout, salmon, river
otters, seals and even whales swimming from time to time. Nitinaht Lake
is in the heart of the world renowned West Coast Trail, a 75 km (47 mi)
long backpacking trail and the world’s largest temperate rain forest –
The Carmanah Walbran.

The Ditidaht’s canoes are equipped with waterproof video cameras that
record each phase of the paddle stroke. Each paddler participates five
times per week as part of Ditidaht Community School’s paddling
initiative and after each practice, kids spend time reviewing their
paddling techniques from each day on the Dartfish TV located in the
school’s cafeteria.

“Dartfish is very pleased to be able to help all these children in their
quest. Access to technology is important in a challenging and changing
world and we believe that it should be available to anybody in any
sport. As we are going to be at the Olympics in London helping the best
athletes and teams in the world win medals, we will have a very special
thought for these young paddlers as they train for their goals.” Victor
Bergonzoli, CEO – Dartfish.

Dartfish users at the last two Olympic Games racked up more than 500
medals and now 50 school aged children will participate in the Dartfish
Summer Race series at Nitinaht Lake, a 7-week canoe/kayak race series
that will see the kids compete for medals that have been provided by
Dartfish leading up to the Provincial championships. At the end of the
summer, a Dartfish Most Improved Paddler trophy will be presented to the
paddler who showed the most improvement in their paddling techniques
using the video analysis software.

You can keep up to date with these young paddlers through their Facebook
page at http://www.facebook.com/NitinahtLakePaddleClub
as they compete in the
Dartfish Summer Race Series in Nitinaht Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

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