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R. Edgar Gilbert Award and the Fair Play Award

The Sprint Racing Discipline of CKC invites nominations for the R. Edgar
Gilbert Award which will be awarded at the annual general meeting of CKC
in 2013, and the Fair Play Award which will be awarded at the Nationals
in August 2013 at Montreal Quebec. Please see the details for
nomination under Policy on the CKC website.
R. Edgar Gilbert Award

The “Gilbert” Award is to recognize outstanding service to
our Association over a long period of time. The award was established
in 1983 to honour Mr. Gilbert who performed several duties in excess of
30 years, often setting his kitchen as the CCA office when he was the
Secretary. There are three categories for the Gilbert Award, i.e.,
Builder, Coach, and Official. When considering your nominee, please
specify the category as well.
Fair Play Award

The Fair Play Award is to recognize an act of fair play by
an athlete member or team at or in the year up to and including the
National Championships. As you may be aware, Fair Play Canada and the
Canadian Centre for Drug-free Sport have joined forces to form the
Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). Some of the objectives of
the CCES, which compliment the criteria for our Fair Play Award, include
the following: to promote ethical conduct in all aspects of sport in
Canada; promote the advancement of fair, ethical and excellent sport in
Canada; achieve a safe, accessible and ethical sport environment for all
Canadians by encouraging and promoting integrity, respect and high
ethical standards in sport; and provide leadership, assistance and
education resources to international communities to help establish and
promote fair and ethical sport.

Nomination Procedure

The Trophies and Awards Committee will receive nominations
in writing for each of the R. Edgar Gilbert Award and the Fair Play
Award. The deadline for submission of your nominations is November
30th, 2011 at the CKC office. The Committee will consider each of the
nominations and make a recommendation to the Sprint Racing Council and
presentations of the Awards will be conducted in accordance with the
criteria set out in the policies. If you have any questions, please contact (

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