2013 Paracanoe Team Nominations / Nominations pour l’équipe de Paracanoë 2013

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2013 Paracanoe Team Nominations

On behalf of the National Team coaching staff, congratulations on your nominations to the 2013 Paracanoe Teams. You should be very proud of this achievement and take time to reflect on all of the hard work and commitment it takes to get to this level. Now it’s your opportunity to represent Canada and contribute to our ongoing international success.

We are so fortunate to have a system of coaching that continues to produce world class athletes. Please pass on my congratulations to your personal coach(es). Our National Team staff appreciates their efforts and will continue to support the progression that you and your coaches have set, taking you to new heights as part of our National Team. We would like to thank our National Team coaches for their hard work in preparing such quality athletes. I encourage you to thank them as well, along with your past and present coaches, family members and other supporters who have been an integral part of building your success.

The public announcement of the team will be sent out later today. Christine will be in touch soon about logistics for Ottawa/Lake Placid.

Congratulations once again and good luck in you preparations for international competition.



1. Christine Gauthier

2. Dave Waters


1. Christine Gauthier

2. Draga Culjak

3. Dave Waters

4. Papito More-Wilson

5. Christian Maranda

6. Jean Dagher

7. Corey Stewart

8. Kevin Priebe

9. Suleiman Muse

10. Troy Chown


1. Christine Gauthier

2. Dave Waters

3. Papito More-Wilson

4. Christian Maranda

5. Suleiman Muse

6. Troy Chown


8. Troy Chown


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