2013 Olympic Hopes Team

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Congratulations to the following athletes who were recently nominated to the2013 Olympic Hopes Team. The team will travel to Racice, Czech Republic, Sunday September 8th, and compete at the 2013 Olympic Hopes Competition September 13 – 15. Good luck to the team.

Athlete Club Coach
Katie Vincent Mississauga Kyle Jeffery
Jacqueline Dunn Banook Jan Kruk
Nadya Crossman-Serb TOBA Jerome Seremak
Zach Morgan Kamloops Stanislav Marek
Clément Bouchard Lac Beauport Luc Grenier
Daniel MacKnight Senobe Rob Baert
Olivia Denman Banook Rob Baert
Ariane Cyr Lac Beauport Luc Grenier
Keisha Tomasik Sherbrooke Jon Stuart
Kate Braddon Rideau Mike Robinson
Zane Clarke Banook Jan Kruk
Victor Turcanu Ottawa River Frederic Loyer
Robert Laureijs Banook Jan Kruk
Maxence Beauchesne Trois Rivières Mathieu Pelletier

Coaching Staff:

Tamas Buday Sr. , Mississauga Canoe Club

Jonathan Pike, Maskwa Canoe Club

Lucie Radoňová, Mississauga Canoe Club


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