C1 boat weight

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C1 boat weight

At the ICF Congress in November 2014, a rule was passed to reduce the minimum boat weight for sprint C1’s from 16 kg to 14 kg. After consulting coaches and athletes, CanoeKayak Canada has learned that almost all National Team level C1’s are in fact already 14 kg or lighter. Over the last number of years, significant weight has been added to comply with the old 16 kg rule.

For 2015 National Team Trials, the minimum weight for C1’s shall be 14 kg to comply with the new international standard.

It should be noted that the ICF has moved to 14 kg with the intention of going to 12 kg in the near future. Athletes should take this under consideration when making purchasing decisions. The major boat manufactures are aware of the change and for the most part have been constructing C1’s in anticipation of the weight reduction.

The rule at the Canadian Sprint CanoeKayak Championships will remain at 16 kg until a rule change is made at an Annual General Meeting of the Sprint Racing Discipline. In the meantime, the Domestic Development Committee will consult with the Coaching Technical Committee to review and recommend a way forward on this issue.


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