Canoe Kayak Canada partners with StayBillety

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Canoe Kayak Canada is pleased to announce a partnership with StayBillety as an Official Accommodations Supplier.

Canoe Kayak athletes will now have additional accommodation options when they travel for training camps and competitions. Through StayBillety, athletes will be able to find affordable and suitable billeting options for travel in Canada and internationally.

“We’re proud to be partnering on this innovative idea for the benefit of athletes,” said Casey Wade, CEO of Canoe Kayak Canada. “Athletes travel a lot and this partnership opens up a whole new network of options for them.”

StayBillety will work with Canoe Kayak Canada to promote upcoming events and recruit hosts. Hosts will learn what they need to billet an athlete and can list suitable accommodations online.

“We are thrilled to form this partnership, and look forward to the opportunities ahead with StayBillety and Canoe Kayak Canada. Together we’re supporting athletes. And we’re building connections between the sports community and actual communities in which they train and compete,” said Barbara Jones, CEO/Founder of StayBillety. is a new online accommodation service, created by Barbara Jones (Waterloo Region) and led by four businesswomen including Ottawa’s Carolyn Waldo. StayBillety offers one-stop billeting for events, groups and organizations.



One thought on “Canoe Kayak Canada partners with StayBillety

  1. Thanks Canoe Kayak BC – we’re excited about helping the canoe kayak community connect. Shared Interests. Shared Roofs. #ComeOnIn

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