Cold Water Safety Message

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Spring is finally here and paddlers are starting to return to training on Canadian water. Competent coaches and sound safety practices have been key factors in maintaining a good safety record within Canoe Kayak Canada. Your diligence in following the code of safety will help to prevent tragedies. Please take a few moments to review the Sprint Cold Water Policy and the CKC Code of Safety.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD)

  • PFD policies are regulated by each divisions. CKC recommends PFDs for everyone while the water is below 8 degrees Celsius and for anyone under the age of 15 all the time.
  • Paddlers over 18 who choose not to wear a PFD must sign a waiver and have an approved PFD accessible in their boat or in the accompanying safety boat


  • Stay close to your athletes in the safety boat
  • Don’t put inexperienced paddlers on the water
  • Keep you athletes near the shore in cold water
  • Carry a cell phone with you in the motorboat if possible


  • Don’t go out in inclement weather
  • Club Safety Officer and/or Head Coach must monitor environmental conditions including water temperature, air temperature, wind, precipitation

Cold Water Effects

Spring is also the right time to review the entire CKC Code of Safety, and ensure that your club has the proper policies and practices in place.



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