Canoe Kayak BC presents 2015 awards

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Canoe Kayak BC honoured the province’s top athletes, coaches and officials for 2015 at an awards reception this past Saturday in Maple Ridge. Over 50 individuals who achieved paddling excellence this past season received certificates, scholarships and recognition for their hard work.

  • Canoe Kayak BC Volunteer of the Year: Rob Fletcher (Chilliwack)
  • Canoe Kayak BC Scholarships: Coen del Valle (Chinook), Matthew Koehler (Ridge)

Athlete Performance Awards

  • Whitewater Athlete of the Year: Jazmyne den Hollander (Chilliwack)
  • Junior Male Athlete of the Year: Brian Malfesi (Ridge)
  • Junior Female Athlete of the Year: Diane Tam (False Creek)
  • U19 Male Athlete of the Year: Alex Brent (Ridge)
  • U17 Male Athlete of the Year: Matthew Koehler (Ridge)
  • U15 Male Athlete of the Year: Tyler Demidoff (Ridge)
  • U15 Female Athlete of the Year: Hana Ronayne (Pemberton)
  • Para Athlete of the Year: Corey Stewart (Pitt Meadows)

Athlete Development Awards

  • U11 Female Development Award: Asha Senanayake (False Creek), Gillian Helliwell (False Creek), Keisa Bleiler (False Creek)
  • U11 Male Development Award: Danila Korsei (False Creek), Aksel Schroeder (Nanaimo), King Antifave (Nanaimo)
  • U12 Female Development Award: Cassidy MacPherson (Ridge), Alena Stenning (Nanaimo), Brin Nyvall (Chinook)
  • U12 Male Development Award: Jackson Ali (Nanaimo), Quinn Thomson (Burnaby), Vladimir Demishkevich (Kamloops)
  • U13 Female Development Award: Mika Asano (Burnaby), Georgia Langdon (Burnaby), Lily Small (Ridge)
  • U13 Male Development Award: Thomas Duff (Nanaimo), Noah Said (Ridge), Alex Dmitriev (Ridge)
  • U14 Female Development Award: Katrina Loutet (Burnaby), Elissa Elmadani (Fort Langley), Samantha Loutet (Burnaby)
  • U14 Male Development Award: Arjun Senanayake (False Creek), Quinn Phare (Pemberton), Jakob Brochu (Kamloops)
  • U15 Female Development Award: Ula Langdon (Burnaby), Katrina Loutet (Burnaby), Anna Zhang (False Creek)
  • U 15 Male Development Award: Spencer Robinson (Kamloops), Aiden Tabata (Kamloops), Jacob Horwood (Nanaimo)

Coach Awards

  • Performance Coach of the Year: Peter Majewski (Ridge)
  • Development Coach of the Year: Wes Hammer (Burnaby)

Official Awards

  • Officials’ Recognition: Mary Jane Abbott (CKBC), Laura Said (Ridge), Mark Loutet (Burnaby), Kelley Fripps-Cheung (Fort Langley), Bill Rublee (Kamloops), Rick Hammer (Pitt Meadows), Shana MacPherson (Ridge), Dave Nosella (CKBC)



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