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BC Summer Games wrap-up in Abbotsford

Full results

Here are the BC Summer Games medalists:

Zone 1: 

  • Heather Potkins (Nelson): 2nd Open C1 2000, 3rd C2 500, 3rd C1 500, 3rd Open C2 2000, 3rd C4 500, 1st C1 Slalom
  • Tessa Timmermans (Nelson): 3rd C2 500, 3rd C4 500
  • Bailey Stephani (Nelson): 1st LtoT C2 500, 1st LotT C1 200, 3rd C4 500
  • Anna Milde (Nelson): 1st LtoT C2 500, 3rd Open C2 2000, 3rd C4 500

Zone 2:

  • Kierra Willis (Kamloops): 3rd Mixed O6 2000
  • Sara Priestley (Kamloops): 3rd Mixed O6 2000
  • Olivia Eccleston (Kamloops): 3rd Mixed O6 2000
  • Stanley Netherton (Kamloops): 1st K2 500, 3rd C2 500, 3rd Mixed O6 2000, 1st K1 500, 3rd Open C2 2000, 1st K4 500, 3rd C4 500
  • Aiden Tabata (Kamloops): 1st K2 500, 3rd Mixed O6 2000, 3rd K1 500, 1st Open K2 2000, 3rd Open C2 2000, 1st K4 500
  • Sol Jacques (Penticton): 3rd C2 500, 3rd LtoT C1 200
  • Jacob Brochu (Kamloops): 3rd Mixed O6 2000, 1st Open K2 2000, 1st K4 500, 3rd C4 500
  • Vladimir Demishkevich (Kamloops): 1st K4 500, 3rd C4 500
  • Jonas Decker (Kamloops): 3rd C4 500

Zone 3: 

  • Cassidy MacPherson (Ridge): 1st Open K1 2000, 1st C2 500, 1st K2 500, 1st K1 500, 1st Open K2 2000, 1st Open C2 2000
  • Jia Kim (Ridge): 2nd Open K1 2000, 1st C2 500, 1st K2 500, 2nd C1 500, 1st Open K2 2000, 1st Open C2 2000
  • Lily Small (Ridge): 2nd LtoT C2 500, 3rd Mixed OC6 500, 1st LtoT K2 500, 3rd K4 500
  • Megan Pankratz (Pitt Meadows): 2nd LtoT C2 500, 3rd Mixed OC6 500, 1st LtoT K2 500, 1st LtoT K1 200
  • Kirsten Cheung (Fort Langley): 3rd Mixed OC6 500, 3rd Mixed C4 500, 3rd K4 500
  • Natasha Spring (Fort Langley): 3rd Mixed C4 500
  • Noah Said (Ridge): 2nd Open C1 2000, 3rd Mixed C4 500, 2nd C2 500, 3rd K4 500, 2nd Open C2 2000, 2nd C4 500
  • Ryan Hayes (Fort Langley): 2nd Open K1 2000, 3rd K2 500, 3rd Mixed OC6 500, 3rd Open K2 2000, 3rd K4 500
  • Alex Dmitriev (Ridge): 3rd K2 500, 3rd Mixed OC6 500, 3rd Open K2 2000, 2nd LtoT C1 200, 3rd K4 500
  • Austin Atkins (Chilliwack): 1st LtoT K2 500, 1st LtoT C2 500, 2nd LtoT K1 200, 2nd C4 500, 2nd K1 Slalom, 2nd C1 Slalom
  • Finley Capstick (Chilliwack): 1st LtoT K2 500, 3rd Mixed OC6 500, 1st LtoT C2 500, 3rd K1 Slalom, 3rd C1 Slalom
  • Quinn Thompson (Burnaby): 3rd Mixed C4 500, 2nd C2 500, 2nd Open C2 2000, 2nd C4 500
  • Samuel Hao (Ridge): 2nd LtoT C2 500, 3rd K4 500
  • Samuel Rosenthal (Ridge): 2nd LtoT C2 500, 3rd K4 500, 3rd K4 500
  • Avery Wilkins (Chilliwack): 2nd C4 500, 1st K1 Slalom , 1st C1 Slalom

Zone 4: 

  • Georgia Langdon (Burnaby): 1st Open C1 2000, 2nd C2 500, 1st C1 500, 2nd Open C2 2000; 1st C4 500
  • Ula Langdon (Burnaby): 2nd C2 500, 2nd K2 500, 2nd Mixed C4 500, 1st K4 500, 2nd Open C2 2000, 1st K4 500; 1st C4 500
  • Katrina Loutet (Burnaby): 2nd K2 500, 2nd Mixed C4 500, 2nd K1 500, 2nd Open K2 2000, 1st K4 500, 1st C4 500
  • Kira Kishimoto (Burnaby): 1st K4 500
  • Mika Asano (Burnaby): 2nd Open K2 2000, 1st K4 500, 2nd C1 Slalom
  • Elissa Elmadani (Burnaby): 1st K4 500; 1st C4 500, 1st K1 Slalom
  • Ivan Strashenko (Burnaby): 3rd Open K1 2000, 2nd K2 500, 2nd Mixed C4 500, 2nd K1 500, 1st K4 500, 2nd Open K2 2000
  • Edward Colhoun (Burnaby): 2nd K2 500, 2nd Mixed C4 500, 2nd Open K2 2000
  • Devon Holcroft (Burnaby): 1st K4 500, 3rd LtoT K1 200

Zone 5:

  • Elisa Robson-Brown (False Creek): 3rd Open K1 2000, 3rd K2 500, 2nd Mixed O6 2000, 3rd K1 500, 3rd Open K2 2000, 3rd LtoT C1 200, 2nd K4 500, 3rd C1 Slalom
  • Keisa Bleier (False Creek): 3rd Open C1 2000, 2nd Mixed OC6 500, 1st Mixed C4 500,2nd LtoT K2 500, 2nd K4 500; 2nd C4 500
  • Gillian Helliwell (False Creek): 3rd K2 500, 2nd Mixed OC6 500, 3rd Open K2 2000, 3rd LtoT K1 200; 2nd C4 500, 2nd K1 Slalom
  • Asha Senanyake (False Creek): 2nd Mixed OC6 500, 1st Mixed C4 500, 2nd LtoT K2 500
  • Madeline Beaudry (Pemberton): 2nd Mixed O6 2000, 2nd K4 500; 2nd C4 500
  • Jill Esseltine (Pemberton): 2nd Mixed O6 2000, 2nd K4 500
  • Alexis Balsamo (Pemberton): 2nd C4 500
  • Ydris Hunter (False Creek): 1st Open C1 2000, 1st Mixed C4 500, 1st C2 500, 2nd Mixed O6 2000, 1st C1 500, 1st C4 500
  • Quinn Phare (Pemberton): 3rd Open C1 2000, 2nd Mixed OC6 500, 2nd Mixed O6 2000, 2nd C1 500, 1st Open C2 2000, 1st C4 500
  • Kenjio MacMartin (False Creek): 2nd Mixed OC6 500, 1st C4 500
  • Shikari King (Pemberton): 2nd Mixed OC6 500, 1st Mixed C4 500, 1st LtoT C1 200
  • Arjun Senanyake (False Creek): 1st C2 500, 2nd Mixed O6 2000, 3rd C1 500, 1st Open C2 2000, 1st C4 500

Zone 6:

  • Kathleen Sargent (Chinook): 1st Mixed OC6 500, 1st Mixed O6 2000, 3rd K4 500, 3rd K1 Slalom
  • Brin Nyvall (Chinook): 1st Mixed OC6 500, 1st Mixed O6 2000, 2nd K4 500, 2nd LtoT K1 200, 3rd K4 500
  • Riele Hein (Nanaimo): 1st Mixed OC6 500, 3rd LtoT K2 500, 3rd K4 500
  • Alena Stenning-Lint (Nanaimo): 3rd LtoT K2 500, 1st Mixed O6 2000, 2nd K4 500, 3rd K4 500
  • Thomas Duff (Nanaimo): 1st Open K1 2000, 1st Mixed O6 2000, 2nd K4 500
  • Jackson Ali (Nanaimo): 2nd LtoT K2 500, 1st Mixed OC6 500, 3rd LtoT C2 500, 2nd K4 500, 1st LtoT K1 200
  • Jackson Fraser (Nanaimo): 2nd LtoT K2 500, 1st Mixed O6 2000
  • Graham Hein (Nanaimo): 3rd LtoT K2 500, 3rd LtoT C2 500
  • Aksel Schroeder (Nanaimo): 3rd LtoT K2 500
  • Jacob Horwood (Nanaimo): 1st Mixed OC6 500, 2nd K4 500
  • Nolan Tomaselli (Nanaimo): 1st Mixed OC6 500, 2nd K4 500
  • Hunter Nyvall (Chinook): 1st Mixed O6 2000, 2nd K4 500, 2nd K4 500

Zone 8:

  • Erin Ball (Prince George): 3rd LtoT C2 500
  • Autumn Litnosky (Prince George): 3rd LtoT C2 500, 2nd LtoT C1 200

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Junior and U23 Sprint Team arrives for World Championships

The Canadian Team has arrived in Minsk, Belarus to compete at the 2016 ICF Canoe Sprint Junior and Under 23 World Championships. The competition is taking place from July 28 to 31.

Representing CKBC are Brian Malfesi who competes in kayak on the U23 team and Matthew Koehler, also in kayak, on the Junior squad. Both are from the Ridge Kayak and Canoe Club in Maple Ridge.

The team was initially announced June 28, following National Team Trials 2 in Montreal. Three additional athletes have since been added to the team including Ruah Edmonds, Ashley Card and Lucy Pennyfather. A full team roster is shown below.

Event Information & Results

Under 23 World Championships Team
Minsk, Belarus • July 28 – 31

Men’s Kayak Hometown Club Coach
Brian Malfesi Maple Ridge, BC Ridge Chad Brooks / Piotr Majewski
Jarret Kenke Saskatoon, SK Saskatoon Chad Brooks / Andrzej Gronowicz
Marshall Hughes Waverley, NS Cheema Chad Brooks / Mike Kerrivan
Pierre-Luc Poulin Lac Beauport, QC Lac-Beauport Chad Brooks / Luc Grenier
Alex Scott Bedford, NS Maskwa Frédéric Jobin / Chad Brooks
Charles-Antoine Girouard Trois-Rivières, QC Trois-Rivières Mathieu Pelletier
Étienne Beauchesne Trois-Rivières, QC Trois-Rivières Mathieu Pelletier
Women’s Kayak Hometown Club Coach
Alanna Bray-Lougheed Oakville, ON Burloak Dave Robertson / Mike Kerrivan / Adam Oldershaw
Madeline Schmidt Ottawa, ON Rideau Dave Robertson / Mike Kerrivan / Mike Robinson
Madison MacKenzie Chelsea, QC Cascades Dave Robertson
Samantha Hall Dartmouth, NS Cheema Dave Robertson / Mike Kerrivan
Men’s Canoe Hometown Club Coach
Craig Spence Dartmouth, NS Cheema Laszlo (Csom) Latorovszki / Jan Kruk
Drew Hodges Ottawa, ON Rideau Laszlo (Csom) Latorovszki / Jan Kruk/ Wade Farquaharson
Women’s Canoe Hometown Club Coach
Hannah MacIntosh Dartmouth, NS Senobe Rob Stott / Rob Baert
Katie Vincent Mississauga, ON Mississauga Kyle Jeffery / Rob Stott
Nadya Crossman-Serb Winnipeg, MB Toba Jerome Seremak

Junior World Championships Team
Minsk, Belarus • July 28 – 31

Men’s Kayak Club (Location) Coach
Olivier Courchesne Trois-Rivières (QC) Mathieu Pelletier
Scott Braddon Rideau (Ottawa, ON) Wade Farquharson
Mathew Koehler Ridge (Maple Ridge, BC) Piotr Majewski
Women’s Kayak Club (Location) Coach
Grace Whebby Mic Mac (Dartmouth, NS) Chris Chaisson
Anna Negulic Maskwa (Halifax, NS) Jon Pike
Ruah Edmonds Maskwa (Halifax, NS) Jon Pike
Ashley Card Maskwa (Halifax, NS) Jon Pike
Lucy Pennyfather Burloak (Oakville, ON) Adam Oldershaw
Men’s Canoe Club (Location) Coach
Isaac Finklestein Rideau (Ottawa, ON) Wade Farquharson
Lucas Turnbull Balmy Beach (Toronto, ON) Peter Martinek
James MacPhee Sackawa (Sackville, NS) Chris Macpherson
Connor Fitzpatrick Senobe (Dartmouth, NS) Rob Baert
Women’s Canoe Club (Location) Coach
Tess Peterman Cascades (Ottawa, ON) Adam Mayo
Anna Roy-Cyr Lac Beauport (QC) Luc Grenier
Anne-Sophie Lavoie-Parent Trois-Rivières (QC) Mathieu Pelletier

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127 athletes registered for Alliance Traffic Group BC Cup #2 & U16+ Provincial Championships

127 athletes registered for Alliance Traffic Group BC Cup #2 & U16+ Provincial Championships

One hundred twenty-seven athletes are set to paddle this weekend at Canoe Kayak BC’s  U16+ Provincial Championships and the Alliance Traffic Group BC Cup #2. This two-day event takes place on Shumway Lake outside of Kamloops from July 16 to 17.

U16+ Provincial Championships

In addition to paddling for provincial titles, the athletes are also looking to secure their spots to the Canadian National Championships. The top four in each race, except for the 6000m which is top five,  will qualify to Team BC for the nationals in Dartmouth, NS from August 30 to September 4.

The 2017 Canada Summer Games long list squad will also be selected following the competition. Up to 16 females (8 kayakers/8 canoers) and 16 males (8 kayakers/8 canoers) may be selected. These athletes will be identified based on their performances in singles and will be invited to attend a camp in the fall and other CKBC  events leading into the 2017 season.

Alliance Traffic Group BC Cup #2

The Alliance Traffic Group BC Cup #2 is the second race in the BC Cup Series. The event is aimed at providing developmentally appropriate competition for paddlers who are 11 to 15 years old and novice athletes. Athletes race one short and long distance in a variety of boats (singles and crews).

Participating clubs

From BC:

  • Chinook Racing Canoe Club (CRCC)
  • Nanaimo Canoe and Kayak Club (NCKC)
  • Pemberton Canoe Association (PCA)
  • False Creek Racing Canoe Club (FCRCC)
  • Burnaby Canoe and Kayak Club (BCKC)
  • Fort Langley Canoe Club (FLCC)
  • Ridge Canoe and Kayak Club
  • Pitt Meadows Paddling Club
  • Kamloops Canoe and Kayak Club (KCKC)
  • Nelson Kayak and Canoe Club (NKCC)

From US:

  • Gig Harbor Canoe and Kayak Racing Team (GHCKRT)

Complete event details are available on the CKBC website: U16+ Provincial Championships |  Alliance Traffic Group BC Cup #2

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Watercraft inspections in Alberta now mandatory

Watercraft inspections in Alberta now mandatory

The Alberta government is attempting to keep out invasive water species, such as zebra mussels. They have setup mandatory boat inspection checkpoints at the provincial borders.

On the Trans Canada and on Hwy 9, the inspection stations are located at truck weigh scale stations just inside the AB border. The electric road signs may or may not say anything about having to stop for an inspection.

Complete details are available on the Alberta Environment and Parks website.

Some points to consider from someone who has experienced an inspection:

  1. It is mandatory to stop for inspection; as the Calgary Canoe Club found out when returning from Regina’s Canda Day Regatta; they will chase you down if you don’t stop.
  2. Do not have any mud on the trailer, as the inspectors will see that as a potential breeding ground for larvae.
  3. Boats need to be dry and are best transported upside down as the inspectors can’t differentiate rain water from lake water. I don’t know what to recommend about C15s.
  4. If the boats are socked, you may be asked to unzip the cover, so ensure you can do that without having to undo any of the tie straps.
  5. Each boat needs to be accessible to the inspector.

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20 paddlers take part in CKBC canoe camp


Twenty canoers from False Creek, Burnaby, Fort Langley, Ridge and Pemberton took part in CKBC’s sprint canoe camp from July 1 to 3 at Burnaby Lake. And the one word to sum it up? Awesome!

It’s no secret that sprint canoe is tough. The center of gravity is high so balance is always an issue and there’s no rudder. Paddlers must use specific strokes to keep the boat straight. As a result, most kids gravitate towards kayaking.

This sprint canoe specific camp helped to promote canoeing, develop skills on the water and have fun.

Helping make this a great camp were our amazing coaches and guests:

  • Tamas Buday Sr – Tamas is a two time Olympic bronze medalist (1976), multiple World Champion, former National Team coach for Team Canada and father of Tamas and Attila Buday. Tamas and Attila competed in C-2 in three Olympics and earned a number of international podiums. Suffice it to say, Tamas Sr. is a legend in the sport. And he can repair any boat – even if it is in a number of pieces. We learned that this past year after our trailer mishap.
  • Mallorie Nicholson – Now living in Victoria, Mallorie is a two time World Champion in C-2 500m. She was one of the leaders in the internationalization of women’s canoeing. Mallorie’s incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
  • Cory Rublee – A recent retiree from the National Team, Cory has won multiple medals internationally and nationally (22 gold medals at Nationals!)
  • Chris and Matt Abbott – both have won the most celebrated trophy in Canadian paddling: the Black (Junior Men’s C-4 1000m).
  • Caitlyn Dunphy – From Nova Scotia, Caitlyn was instrumental in helping the Cheema Aquatic Club win several Overall National Championships. She’s now our go to physio!
  • Sean McBeath – Sean’s one of the more successful canoeists from BC. He’s represented Canada on a number of occasions.

Thanks to all the paddlers, coaches and guests for making this a great weekend canoeing!

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Last weekend to donate to club Paddle-A-Thons

This is your last chance to support CKBC clubs as they raise much needed money for equipment and programs. The donation deadline is Sunday, July 10.

Burnaby Canoe and Kayak Club

Chinook Racing Canoe Club

False Creek Racing Canoe Club

Fort Langley Canoe Club

Kamloops Canoe and Kayak Club

Pemberton Canoe Association

Paddle-A-Thon directly supports local paddling opportunities in communities like yours across the province. Canoe Kayak BC commits 90% of the funds raised to promote and finance paddling initiatives at ALL levels in the local community of the participant.