Watercraft inspections in Alberta now mandatory

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Watercraft inspections in Alberta now mandatory

The Alberta government is attempting to keep out invasive water species, such as zebra mussels. They have setup mandatory boat inspection checkpoints at the provincial borders.

On the Trans Canada and on Hwy 9, the inspection stations are located at truck weigh scale stations just inside the AB border. The electric road signs may or may not say anything about having to stop for an inspection.

Complete details are available on the Alberta Environment and Parks website.

Some points to consider from someone who has experienced an inspection:

  1. It is mandatory to stop for inspection; as the Calgary Canoe Club found out when returning from Regina’s Canda Day Regatta; they will chase you down if you don’t stop.
  2. Do not have any mud on the trailer, as the inspectors will see that as a potential breeding ground for larvae.
  3. Boats need to be dry and are best transported upside down as the inspectors can’t differentiate rain water from lake water. I don’t know what to recommend about C15s.
  4. If the boats are socked, you may be asked to unzip the cover, so ensure you can do that without having to undo any of the tie straps.
  5. Each boat needs to be accessible to the inspector.

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