Canoe Polo World Championships wrap up in Syracuse

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Water Polo Worlds.png

Canada was well represented at the 2016 ICF Canoe Polo World Championships as teams in four categories took to the pitches in Syracuse, Italy last week.

The Senior Women’s Team finished eighth overall after winning matches against Holland, Singapore and Czech Republic and a draw against Denmark. The Dutch team later team went on to finish fourth overall in the tournament. This is the best result ever reached for Canada in Senior Women. The eighth place result has qualified the Senior Women’s spot for Canada at the 2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland. A total of eighteen teams competed in the category and seven countries qualified for the World Games. The Canadian team also successfully re-qualified an entry for the 2018 World Championships.

The U21 Women’s Team finished sixth overall. They won three games against Ireland, Italy and Holland and a draw against Iran. The sixth place result, also the best result ever for Canada in this division, has also qualified the team for the 2018 World Championships.

The Senior Men’s Team finished 17th overall while the U21 Men’s Team finished 18th. Notable performances for the Men’s teams included winning matches against Russia, South Africa and Finland drawing a tie with Brazil.

Canoe polo is a fast paced game as players jockey for position in their kayaks, passing and blocking the ball in an effort to score on the other team’s net. Five players are on per side and the game takes place over two ten-minute halves. Canada’s main national canoe polo training centres are located in Edmonton, AB and Pointe-Claire, QC while canoe polo clubs exist across Canada.

In 2018, Canada will host the ICF Canoe Polo World Championships in Welland, ON in August. With World Games filling the 2017 competition calendar, the World Championships flag was passed to the 2018 organizers as the next site to host the Championships. The event will take place at the Welland International Flatwater Centre.

Summary of Results

Senior Women’s Team 8th overall
Qualified Canada for World Games 2017
U21 Women’s Team 6th overall
Senior Men’s Team 17th overall
U21 Men’s Team 18th overall


Senior Women’s Team U21 Women’s Team Senior Men’s Team U21 Men’s Team
Carolyn Karasiuk
Julie Brisson
Sarah Kerestes
Kristina O’Brien
Shylo Hendrickson
Catherine O’Brien
Hannah Patrick
Christie Siddle
Brad Cameron (Coach)
Christopher Arrowsmith (Assistant Coach)
Katie Brazier (Support Staff)
Savannah Foged
Shannon Wagers
Katie Hendrickson
Channel Hauck
Kassandra Reaume
Sierra Davediuk
Sierra Foged
Athena Hauck
Chaz Cheung (Coach)
Darryl O’Brien (Assistant Coach)
Carol Janigo (Support Staff)
Brant Oldershaw
Patrick Amos
Tycho Roorda
Jason Allen
Kyle Polsfut
Scott Allan
Richard Allan
Keegan Smith (Coach)
Erwin Roos (Assistant Coach)
Carol Janigo (Support Staff)
Kyle van den Bon
Randy Tollenaar
Mitchell Boyd
Mitchael Dube
Cody Underwood
Benjamin LaPointe
Noah Patrick
Rick Janigo (Coach)
Sieger Roorda (Assistant Coach)
Jill Wagers (Support Staff)




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