Atlantic Canada to become home of Women’s Kayak National Training Centre

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Canoe Kayak Canada is pleased to partner with the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic (CSCA) and the Atlantic Division CanoeKayak Canada (ADCKC) to develop a world-leading training environment for its National Women’s Kayak program.

A National Team coach will be dedicated to the centre, located in Nova Scotia. Through partnerships with local clubs and the ADCKC, the athletes will have access to ideal on and off-water training environments. Other resources including equipment, housing options, sport performance services and support for special projects will also be allocated to the centre.

“Since we officially designated four National Team Training Centres in 2014, we’ve been working to provide environments for our fastest athletes to train together with support from National Team coaches and sport science staff,” said Canoe Kayak Canada’s Chief Executive Officer, Casey Wade. “We were proud to have four female kayakers on the Olympic Team this year. The creation of this centre, through our partnership with the CSCA and ADCKC, is part of developing a system to ensure our Women’s Kayak team will be successful internationally for years to come.”

National Team Training Centres are designed to bring training groups, National Team coaches and technical experts together along with adequate training infrastructure to ensure the highest quality daily training environment for podium potential athletes.

The Women’s Kayak team will join over 50 other national team athletes from various sports who use the CSCA as their home base.

“The Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic looks forward to working with the ADCKC, CKC and the new coach to create an environment for repeatable success on the international stage,” said Ken Bagnell, President of the CSCA. “Canoe Kayak is one of the most successful sports in Canadian Olympic history and we are honoured to have the opportunity to partner to support the next generation of performers.”

Nova Scotia has a long history of success in the sport and the ADCKC will play an integral role in creating the daily training environment the Women’s Kayak team needs to excel.

“The ADCKC has a rich history both in producing elite athletes and providing the critical infrastructure required to best support them,” said Paul Dean, Flag Officer of the ADCKC. “This includes an off-water weight training centre, boat storage and access to our world class, nine-lane International Canoe Federation race-course, complete with the ability to install start gates. We are thrilled to continue this tradition and are excited to officially add the Women’s Kayak National Team, and coach, to our roster of national team athletes already accessing our top-notch training environment.”

In addition to the two local partners, the centre and Canoe Kayak Canada’s High Performance Program are generously supported by Sport Canada, Own the Podium and the Canadian Olympic Committee.


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