CKBC Celebrates International Day of the Girl

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day of the girl-web.pngTuesday, October 11 is International Day of the Girl. A day designated by the United Nations to recognize girls’ rights around the world.

In honour of the day, we proudly showcase why some of our female athletes think paddling is a great sport:

Asha Semanayake (False Creek)

“Paddling is great for girls because it builds confidence and it’s a really fun sport because you meet a lot of different people.  It also keeps you fit and healthy.”

Cassidy MacPherson (Ridge)

“Paddling is a great sport for girls because it teaches you that with a lot of practice and hard work you can acheive your goals.”

Elissa Elmadani (Fort Langley)

“Kayaking is a great sport for girls! You make friends that will last a lifetime and teaches you how to have friendly competition. It teaches you to leave alone your differences and be able to connect on a different level that others can’t relate to. I have learned that personally and wish to keep that message going. No matter your backround or situation you will always be welcomed with open arms.  If they understand or not they will console you when you’re feeling down, give you a good laugh and push you to strive for your greatest dreams.”

Alena Stenning-Lint (Nanaimo)

“Paddling is an amazing sport for girls. It helps build confidence and raises self esteem. Paddling has become my life and I don’t think I would be as fit, happy or as confident as I am today. Girls need to understand that they won’t always win. But if you keep going you will fall in love with the sport. Sure, making it to the podium feels great, but getting PBs and knowing you did your best just makes you want to improve.”

Have your say… join the conversation in the comments below or on our social media. And to all the girls – Happy International Day of the Girl.


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