Team BC paddlers in final preparations for 2017 Canada Summer Games

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Final Canada Summer Games training camps are taking place this week for Team BC’s sprint canoe and kayak paddlers. Held at Ridge Canoe & Kayak Club (Maple Ridge) False Creek Sprint Canoe Club (Vancouver) and Fort Canoe & Kayak Club (Fort Langley), the camps feature leadership from CKBC’s provincial and team coaches.

During the these discipline specific camps, Team BC’s crewboats (who is in which crew, where they are in the boat), race plans and equipment preparation will be finalized. Additionally, the paddlers will continue to develop team cohesion.

Team BC training camp schedule:

  • Men’s Kayak Camp: July 24-28 (Ridge)
  • Women’s Canoe Camp: July 24-26 (False Creek)
  • Men’s Canoe Camp: July 26-28 (Fort)
  • Women’s Kayak Camp: July 26-28 (Fort)

The Canada Summer Games are the country’s largest multi-sport event for young athletes. The paddling events take place from August 7-10, 2017 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Learn more about the paddlers representing B.C. at the Canada Games.


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