12 paddling gifts that don’t include French hens

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There are no partridges, no pear trees nor lords a leaping on our 2017 list of paddling themed gifts. And our list is much more affordable than the estimated $35,000 that the original song would cost today. Happy shopping for your favourite paddler (even if it is yourself).

toque.pngCanoe Kayak Canada apparel

Give your favourite Canadian paddlers some Canoe Kayak Canada clothing. From an Ice Melter Toque to t-shirts to a snuggly grey hoodie, there’s something for every paddler on your list.

Order online at ckc / Price $25-$90

lamp.pngHelix Backcountry Rechargeable Lantern

The micro-USB port on the bottom of the lantern allows for recharging. This lightweight lantern puts out a bright beam that’s easy on the eyes – perfect for around camp or in your tent.

Order online at  westerncanoekayak.com / Price $59.99

cat-book.pngBolt & Keel – The Wild Adventures of Two Rescued Cats

Got a bibliophile on your list? Then this coffee table book of Bolt and Keel on an unforgettable journey backpacking through the scenic Pacific Northwest with the avid hikers who adopted them might be perfect.

Order online at westerncaonekayak.com / Price $19.95

car-racks.pngMalone Handiracks

Know someone whose car doesn’t have roof racks.  These inflatable racks are great for vehicles where you either can’t or don’t want to put fixed racks on. They are very durable, and can hold loads up to 180 lbs. Easy to inflate, they come with a pump and tie downs.

Buy at Deep Cove Outdoors / Price $147.99


Know a paddler that loves to paddle in the rain and/or travel? Then the CHAWEL is perfect for them. From towel to neck pillow while traveling, or a blanket at the beach at sunset after surfing, to an extra liner in your sleeping bag while camping or hosteling, and a changing room when you need a quick change in public. Designed for portability and functionality.

Order online at waterflow.ca / Price $39.95

canoe-seat.pngGCI Outdoor Sit-Backer Canoe Seat

Know a paddler who likes to be comfy on a long canoe trip? Then this canoe seat could be the perfect gift! The strong metal frame provides excellent support, and two inches of foam contribute to a cushy ride.

Order online at mec.ca / Price $49.00

Cricket-Bars.pngCoast Cricket Protein Bars

If you have an adventurous eater on your list then these cricket bars are perfect. According to WaterFlow, they taste great and they are also a great source of protein.  With amazing flavours such as Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Rasin and Ginger Cranberry who wouldn’t love them?

Order online at waterflow.ca / Prices start at $21.50

mitts.pngMEC Hot Mitts – Unisex

Keep your favourite paddler’s hands warm with these mitts. With thick insulating neoprene to inhibit heat loss and protect against wind chill they even come with a nose wipe patch. Ideal for both kayaking and canoeing, a grip index comes in handing for your paddle.

Order online at mec.ca / Price $25.00

Ring.pngKayak Jewelry

Jewelry is always a popular gift choice. Make his or her day with a kayak paddle ring. Or choose something else from this paddling themed Etsy store.

Order on etsy.com / Price $26.65-$166.65

foam-roller-travel.pngTravel Foam Roller

Foam rollers can really help anyone who has sore muscles. And if they are traveling for training, races and events,  this compact roller fits in your luggage and lets you massage muscles on your entire body. It’s designed to improve muscle recovery and fatigue, prevent overuse injuries, and improve blood flow.

Order online at mec.ca / Price $48.00


Mpow Flotable Waterproof Case, Dry Bag Cellphone Pouch

Want to make sure your loved one’s phone comes home save and dry after a paddle? This flotable waterproof case keeps phones dry and away from the bottom of the lake or river.

Order on amazon.ca / Price $10.99

pants.pngHydroskin Pants

Nothing says Merry Christmas like keeping loved ones warm when they go paddling in cooler weather. These NRS Hydroskin Pants’ stretchy, non-restrictive 1.5 mm neoprene provides the warmth they need.

Buy at Deep Cove Outdoors / Price $130.00




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