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Women’s Canoe added to Olympic Canoe Kayak program, bringing gender equity


Canoe Kayak Canada is pleased to share the news that for the first time in Tokyo 2020, Canoe Kayak Sprint and Slalom will have a gender-balanced Olympic program.Canoe Kayak Canada is pleased to share the news that for the first time in Tokyo 2020, Canoe Kayak Sprint and Slalom will have a gender-balanced Olympic program.

The International Olympic Committee has approved the International Canoe Federation’s proposal for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Program. This program includes women’s canoe events for the first time in Olympic history.

Laurence Vincent-Lapointe – 2017

“I think it is really a good day for women’s canoe,” Laurence Vincent-Lapointe said. Vincent-Lapointe has won seven world championships since women’s canoe was added to the world championship program in 2010, and has just finished a strong world cup performance where the sprint women’s canoe team won a total of 9 medals.

“We finally get the opportunity to be seen as the athletes we are, and get the place we have been waiting for all this time” Vincent-Lapointe said. “ Having just come back from the world cups tour, I have seen many incredible women canoers and I’m proud of what we have all accomplished until now. Now we will all be striving towards the highest form of recognition, the Olympic Games. It is with a lot of emotion that I received this news and I’m happy to share it with everyone who have supported us all this time.”

Women canoers will compete at the Tokyo Olympics in Sprint C-1 200m and C-2 500m, as well as in Slalom C-1.

2020 Canoe Kayak Olympic Program

Men’s Kayak Women’s Kayak Men’s Canoe Women’s Canoe
K1 Slalom
K1 200m
K1 1000m
K2 1000m
K4 500m
K1 Slalom
K1 200m
K1 500m
K2 500m
K4 500m
C1 Slalom
C1 1000m
C2 1000m
C1 Slalom
C1 200m
C2 500m

Haley Daniels – 2016 

“I am proud to say that we will finally be able to follow our dreams to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020” Haley Daniels, Canada’s top Women’s Canoe Slalom paddler said. “This announcement is history in the making where we can truly say that Canoe Slalom is gender equitable and moving forward.”

Women have a long history of racing canoes of many types in Canada.  Races between women’s war canoes have been a regular fixture at championship regattas as early as the turn of the 20th century.

Yet the road to equal competitive opportunity in the sport has not been short or easy for women’s canoe athletes. Through years of advocacy, and sometimes disappointing setbacks, pioneering athletes, and leaders within the Canoe Kayak Canada community have led the way in the push for equality in the sport.

Canadian marathon nationals were gender equitable across all events from their inception in 1980. The sprint discipline followed by adopting a full women’s canoe race card in 1995, and finally, 2009 saw the inclusion of women’s canoe at the whitewater nationals.

Canoe Kayak Canada led a concerted and sustained push through our representatives at the International Canoe Federation level for gender equity, specifically through the inclusion of women’s canoe events.

Madeleine Hall – 1964

“It has taken 72 years for women to be included as full participants in our sport,” Madeleine Hall, chair of Canoe Kayak Canada’s Sprint Racing Council, said. “Kudos to the International Canoe Federation and the International Olympic Committee for taking this significant step.”

Hall, who was a canoe athlete herself, shared on behalf of Canoe Kayak Canada, a special thank you to our Canadian women canoers who have led the way nationally and internationally.

“You put your hearts and souls into canoeing in spite of its absence at the Olympic Games,” she said. “It is thanks to your skill and excellent performances that this dream has come true. Now enjoy the rest of the road to the Olympic Games!”

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Host cities announced for BC Summer Games and BC Winter Games

BC Games - announcement.jpg

Maple Ridge and Prince George have been announced as host cities for the 2020 and 2022 BC  Summer Games. These games bring together athletes, coaches, officials, spectators and visitors, and result in significant economic benefits to the regions over the four days of competition.

Also announced were Fort St John and Greater Vernon as the hosts of the 2020 and 2022 BC Winter Games.

Local MLAs joined community leaders, volunteers and athletes in the host cities for the announcements this morning, generating momentum as communities kick off planning for the largest multi-sport competition in the province.

The upcoming games will be held in:

• Fort St John – 2020 BC Winter Games, Feb. 20-23, 2020
• Maple Ridge – 2020 BC Summer Games, July 23-26, 2020
• Greater Vernon – 2022 BC Winter Games, Feb. 24-27, 2022
• Prince George – 2022 BC Summer Games, July 21-24, 2022

The BC Games contribute to the development of sport and community through infrastructure improvements, volunteer engagement and a major event-hosting experience that leaves a lasting legacy for host communities.

The games are an important part of the progression of B.C.’s emerging high-performance athletes. For some athletes, the games may be the highest competition they participate in, while others move on to the Canada Games or join national teams and go on to participate at international competitions, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The B.C. government contributes over $2 million annually to the BC Games Society to support the BC Summer and BC Winter Games – part of over $40 million invested annually to encourage British Columbians to be physically active and to support a “performance pathway” for athletes, coaches and support personnel.

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Dartmouth to bid to host the 2021 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships


After a thorough review process of three Canadian sites, that included independent expert input, Canoe Kayak Canada’s Sprint Racing Council has endorsed the Atlantic Division CanoeKayak Canada to pursue a bid to host the 2021 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships on Lake Banook in Dartmouth, NS.

The planning for this bid is well underway and we are working with the Bid Committee in Atlantic Canada to support their efforts to ensure this bid is as successful as possible in winning the rights to host the Championships. We will keep you updated on progress moving forward and will send out a more public announcement later in the bid process.

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20 paddlers take part in CKBC canoe camp


Twenty canoers from False Creek, Burnaby, Fort Langley, Ridge and Pemberton took part in CKBC’s sprint canoe camp from July 1 to 3 at Burnaby Lake. And the one word to sum it up? Awesome!

It’s no secret that sprint canoe is tough. The center of gravity is high so balance is always an issue and there’s no rudder. Paddlers must use specific strokes to keep the boat straight. As a result, most kids gravitate towards kayaking.

This sprint canoe specific camp helped to promote canoeing, develop skills on the water and have fun.

Helping make this a great camp were our amazing coaches and guests:

  • Tamas Buday Sr – Tamas is a two time Olympic bronze medalist (1976), multiple World Champion, former National Team coach for Team Canada and father of Tamas and Attila Buday. Tamas and Attila competed in C-2 in three Olympics and earned a number of international podiums. Suffice it to say, Tamas Sr. is a legend in the sport. And he can repair any boat – even if it is in a number of pieces. We learned that this past year after our trailer mishap.
  • Mallorie Nicholson – Now living in Victoria, Mallorie is a two time World Champion in C-2 500m. She was one of the leaders in the internationalization of women’s canoeing. Mallorie’s incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
  • Cory Rublee – A recent retiree from the National Team, Cory has won multiple medals internationally and nationally (22 gold medals at Nationals!)
  • Chris and Matt Abbott – both have won the most celebrated trophy in Canadian paddling: the Black (Junior Men’s C-4 1000m).
  • Caitlyn Dunphy – From Nova Scotia, Caitlyn was instrumental in helping the Cheema Aquatic Club win several Overall National Championships. She’s now our go to physio!
  • Sean McBeath – Sean’s one of the more successful canoeists from BC. He’s represented Canada on a number of occasions.

Thanks to all the paddlers, coaches and guests for making this a great weekend canoeing!

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CKBC hires Cory Rublee as Canoe Development Coach

Cory Rublee in canoe

Cory Rublee joins the CKBC team at the end of June as the Canoe Development Coach

Canoe Kayak BC is pleased to announce the hiring of Cory Rublee as the Canoe Development Coach.

Rublee brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Canoe Kayak BC. He began his paddling career at the Kamloops Canoe and Kayak Club and quickly ascended the paddling ranks. A member of the National Team for six years, Rublee represented Canada at regattas in Europe, Mexico and Central and South America. Domestically, he is a 21 time national champion and won five gold medals at the Canada Summer Games.

“I am really excited to help develop canoeing in B.C. Over my career I have had the opportunity to work with so many great coaches and I would like to transfer that knowledge to the athletes.” said Rublee.  “I have always believed B.C. has the ability to be a strong force in canoeing and hopefully I can contribute to that goal.”

Beyond paddling, Rublee holds a Bachelor of Human Kinetics.

With the assistance of a government grant, Rublee will start his new position at the end of June in time for the CKBC Canoe Camp.  He will be based out of Burnaby.

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Paddle Together – Friday, May 13

On Friday, May 13 come out and celebrate the remarkable diversity of paddle craft in Vancouver. At least five First Nations canoes, dragon boats, kayaks, voyager canoes, outriggers – virtually any type of paddle craft imaginable are coming to the new docks just beside the Creekside Community Recreation Centre.

Schedule of events:

4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. – arrival of the First Nations canoes. These canoes will paddle up false creek in a flotilla and land at the new paddling centre just in front of the Creekside Community Recreation Centre.

5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. – formal Squamish welcome to the territory by a Squamish Elder

6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. – Inside the centre (upstairs in Multipurpose Room 4) there will be refreshments, photographs, paddle displays and other paddle related information. There will also be a special area for children’s activities.

8:30 p.m. – 9:15 p.m. – Sanford Osler will give a talk based on his book ‘Canoe Crossings” which will tie together all the paddling communities of B.C.

9:30 p.m. – event end

More details and register online