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B.C. wins 17 medals at Whitewater National Championships


Led by Jakob Kryworuchko’s five gold medals, B.C. paddlers brought home 17 medals from the 2017 Whitewater National Championships. The championships took place July 31-August 6 in Ottawa.

In the open age championships, Ottawa’s Cameron Smedley was the most dominant performer of the day, confirming his status as Canada’s top male slalom paddler, winning gold in the Men’s C-1 as well as the top spot in the Mixed C-2 alongside sister, Alison.

The Men’s K-1 featured a surprise champion in 34-year-old, John Hastings who beat out five other Ottawa paddlers despite retiring from the National Slalom Team to focus on preparations for the upcoming Extreme Slalom World Championships. Hastings’ victory, along with the dual titles by the Smedleys, helped Ontario capture the Brian Creer Cup, an award given annually to the top province at the National Championships.

Complete B.C. results:

Name Results
Maddison Atkins

Chilliwack Centre of Excellence

K-1 Junior Downriver Sprint: Bronze (40.10)
K-1 Junior Age Group Championships: 4th (169.29)
Finn Wakeling

Chilliwack Centre of Excellence

C-1 Cadet Downriver Sprint: Gold (41.62)
C-1 Cadet Downriver Classic: Gold (792.27)
C-1 Cadet Age-Group Championships: Silver (138.01)
C-2 Junior Age-Group Championships: Silver (267.72)
K-1 Cadet Age-Group Championships: 6th (277.14)
Jakob Kryworuchko

Chilliwack Centre of Excellence

C-1 Junior Downriver Sprint: Gold (40.22)
K-1 Junior Downriver Sprint: 8th (37.13)
C-1 Junior Downriver Classic: Gold (800.84)
C-1 Junior Championships: Gold (101.67)
C-2 Junior Age-Group Championships: Gold (210.87)
K-1 Junior Age-Group Championships: 10th (108.60)
K-1 Junior Team: 5th (442.44)
C-1 Open Championships: 8th (134.75) [1st Junior]
C-2 Open Championships: Gold (196.70)
Avery Wilkins

Chilliwack Centre of Excellence

C-1 Junior Downriver Sprint: 4th (42.56)
K-1 Junior Downriver Sprint: 5th (35.39)
K-1 Junior Downriver Classic: 4th (660.23)
C-1 Junior Age-Group Championships: 6th (162.93)
K-1 Junior Age-Group Championships: 11th (108.62)
K-1 Senior Team: Bronze (487.19)
K-1 Open Championships: 10th (119.03) [5th Junior]
Austin Atkins

Chilliwack Centre of Excellence

K-1 Junior Downriver Sprint: 11th (37.82)
K-1 Junior Downriver Classic: Silver (626.94)
C-2 Junior Age-Group Championships: Gold (210.87)
K-1 Junior Age-Group Championships: 6th (97.34)
K-1 Junior Team: 5th (442.44)
C-2 Open Championships: Gold (196.70)
Alsek Watt

Chilliwack Centre of Excellence

K-1 Junior Downriver Sprint: 14th (40.51)
K-1 Junior Downriver Classic: 8th (682.81)
C-2 Junior Age-Group Championships: Silver (267.72)
K-1 Junior Age-Group Championships: 17th (114.98)
K-1 Senior Team: Bronze (487.19)
Finley Capstick

Chilliwack Centre of Excellence

K-1 Junior Downriver Sprint: 18th (42.36)
K-1 Junior Downriver Classic: 7th (673.68)
K-1 Junior Age-Group Championships: 7th (100.36)
K-1 Junior Team: 5th (442.44)
Maksym Kryworuchko

Chilliwack Centre of Excellence

C-1 Senior Downriver Sprint: 8th (44.56)
K-1 Senior Downriver Sprint: 7th (39.52)
K-1 Senior Team: Bronze (487.19)

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B.C. paddlers ready for the 2017 Canada Summer Games


Twenty sprint paddlers from eight clubs are wrapping up training as they get ready for the 2017 Canada Summer Games. The paddling competition begins on Monday, August 7 and takes place at the Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Centre.

Leading the team is Games veteran Alex Brent (Ridge Canoe & Kayak Club) who competed at the 2013 Games in Sherbrooke and the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games. Brent was the Team BC flagbearer at the 2015 Games and is a multiple medal winner at Canadian Championships.

“To be part of Canada Summer Games during its 50th anniversary and during the 150th year of Canada as a nation, will be a unique and exhilarating experience,” said Brent following his selection to the team in May. “Beyond that, multi-sport games are always exciting and I am immensely proud to be a part of Team BC at the Games.”

Entry to Canoe Kayak competition is free courtesy of Manitoba’s Credit Unions. No ticket is required. For those wishing to cheer the team from B.C., the competitions will be streamed live online.

Team BC:

Women’s Kayak

  • Cassidy MacPherson (Ridge)
  • Katrina Loutet (Burnaby)
  • Jia Kim (Ridge)
  • Elisa Robson-Brown (False Creek)
  • Meghan Cheung (Fort)

Women’s Canoe

  • Samantha Loutet (Burnaby)
  • Anna Zhang (False Creek)
  • Zaffia Laplante (Burnaby)
  • Heather Potkins (Nelson)
  • Melody Oh (Ridge)

Men’s Kayak

  • Alex Brent (Ridge)
  • Matthew Koehler (Ridge)
  • Cameron Antifave (Nanaimo)
  • Coen del Valle (Chinook)
  • Michael Lanyon (Kamloops)

Men’s Canoe

  • Ydris Hunter (False Creek)
  • Alexander Demishkevich (Kamloops)
  • Quinn Phare (Pemberton)
  • Omar Said (Ridge)
  • Noah Said (Ridge)

Support Staff

  • Diane Tam – Coach (False Creek)
  • Peter Majewski – Coach (Ridge)
  • Blake Dalton – Manager (CKBC)
  • Cory Rublee – Technical Support (CKBC)

Six additional athletes were selected as alternates and have participated in team training camps: Lauryn Cheung (Fort); Mika Asano (Burnaby); Emily Robinson (Kamloops); Ivan Strashenko (Burnaby); Liam Stewart (Fort) and Quinn Thomson (False Creek)

Learn more about Team BC, including their favourite snacks and goals for the Games on the CKBC website.

The Canada Summer Games are the country’s largest multi-sport event for young athletes. Among the Games’ alumni are paddlers Hugh Fisher, Sue Holloway and Adam Van Koeverden and athletes in other sports such as Andre de Grasse (athletics), Eugenie Bouchard (tennis) and Sydney Crosby (hockey).

Helpful links:

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Canadian Surfski Championships this Saturday in Squamish

Surfski-Champs.pngOver 100 surfski paddlers from around the world are getting ready for Saturday’s Canadian Surfski Championships (CSC) in Squamish, BC. CKBC member club, Squamish Paddling Club, is among the presenting sponsors for the event.

The CSC is a point-to-point, mass start, downwind surfski race. The 21 km race route tests paddlers’ skills and stamina as it runs downwind through the heart of the stunning Sea to Sky corridor. Racers will paddle from Porteau Cove up Howe Sound into the heart of downtown Squamish.

Last year’s overall champion, Dawid Mocke (South Africa), completed the course in just over 1 hour and 22 minutes.

A surfski is a long, narrow, lightweight kayak with an open (sit-on-top) cockpit, usually with a foot pedal controlled rudder.They are extremely fast when paddled on flat water (only an Olympic K1 or K2 kayak is faster) and the fastest paddled craft available over a long distance on ocean swells.

See the video from last year’s championships:

For more details see the event website.


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Registration open for David Thompson Paddlesport Classic taking place in Revelstoke from August 18-20


The first annual 3-day David Thompson Paddlesport Classic will be held on Lake Revelstoke August 18 – 20, 2017. The lake is long and narrow, stunningly beautiful, with clear turquoise water and surrounded by snowcapped mountains. The event is named after explorer David Thompson who was the first European to descend the river in a home-made canoe in the early 1800s .

Participants will paddle and portage 125km following the path of David Thompson’s canoe on the Columbia River from Mica Creek to Revelstoke. More than a race, the “Classic” expects to become an annual highlight of the paddling community with a field of over 200 canoes, kayaks, war canoes and rowboats – about 800 enthusiasts!

The sheer beauty of the lake should attract many recreational paddlers to come and spend three summer days with family and friends. Age range of the participants will be 10 to 75 and up in many boat and age classes.

It will attract marathon and competitive canoe enthusiasts but also a large contingent of “in it to finish” folks in an OPEN TOURING Class. All participants receive a T-shirt, snacks, a shuttle back to their vehicles and a post-race BBQ meal.

Awards will be presented to the first 3 places for each competitive class and mileage pins will be presented to all those who beat the daily cut-off times. The BBQ and awards ceremony will complete the agenda near the finish line. The event is limited to 100 boats. Entry deadline is July 15.

More information and Entry forms are available at www.paddlerevelstoke.ca or by phone at 250-814-7473 or by mail at P.O. Box 78, Revelstoke, BC, V0E 2S0. Or email billpollock40@gmail.com.

The Revelstoke Paddlesport Association is a not-for-profit BC Society whose purpose is to develop, provide and promote recreational and competitive paddle sports activities and events in and around the city of Revelstoke.

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Canoe Kayak Canada launches casual clothing line through online store


Paddling fans now have a new way to show off their love of the sport. Canoe Kayak Canada is rolling out a new line of casual clothing through online sales. The line features quality made-in-Canada products, designed for those who embrace the paddling lifestyle.

“Clothing to compliment your rugged passion for paddling.”

The new line is anchored with four main products including the Steadfast Tee, the Portage Raglan, the Dockside Trucker Hat and the Crosswind Zippered Hoodie. There are colour and style variations for several of these products with new designs to be introduced throughout the season.

Customers can feel good about making a purchase knowing they are supporting paddling programs and Canadian athletes. All profits will go towards Canoe Kayak Canada’s programs to further its mission of encouraging Canadians to enjoy the sport of paddling and achieving success at all levels of competition.

Shop online now – shop.canoekayak.ca  *first shipments will go out by the end of May

CKC-teeSteadfast tee – $30/$35

Stand tall and be proud. This timeless Canadian-made tee is best worn on a fine summer day​, but we know you’ll stretch the season. Because you’re Canadian – and a paddler​ – t​his sport is a part of who you are and t​his tee, with its ultra-soft fabric, soon will be too​​.


ckc-raglanPortage raglan – $40/$45

It’s the perfect fresh shirt to put on after a paddle. The Portage Raglan is casual and can be worn anywhere, and in between. Before you load up your gear and traverse on to whatever lies ahead, take a moment to feel the soft sleeves as you reflect on your journey. Canadian-made with two complimentary fabric colours, this raglan features heritage artwork to connect you to your sport.

ckc-hoodieCrosswind Zippered Hoodie – $90

Crosswind, headwind or tailwind, this hoodie will keep you warm from whichever way the breeze is blowing. This quality Canadian-made sweater is perfect for a morning or evening leisure paddle, for staying warm between races, or for the all-weather fans who are prepared to brave frigid temperatures.

ckc-hatDockside Trucker Hat – $30

Whether you’re a sprinter or in it for the long haul, you might as well look good doing it. The dockside trucker hat will keep the sun out of your eyes from the time you leave home until the sun sets, whether you’re commuting to the cottage or across the country to compete. Its mesh back will keep you cool, its snapback will adjust to the headset you’re in. And its style will surely harness your tranquility whether you’re on your way for a paddle or just dreaming about it.

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Sprint National Team Coaches named: Frédéric Jobin, Chad Brooks and Jan Kruk


Canoe Kayak Canada is pleased to name three coaches to sprint National Team positions. Frédéric Jobin, Chad Brooks and Jan Kruk will play key roles in preparing our athletes for international success at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and beyond, to 2024.

“As the coaching structure begins to takes shape, I am pleased to have Fred, Chad and Jan on board. They have the leadership skills and technical knowledge to move our team forward,” said Graham Barton, Chief Technical Officer of Canoe Kayak Canada. “I am confident that their contributions to our coaching team will see Canada reemerge as a World power in paddling as we move together to Tokyo and beyond to 2024.”

Frédéric Jobin to coach Men’s Kayak

Frédéric Jobin has been named to head the Men’s Kayak National Team program. Most recently he coached the Men’s Kayak 200m group. Jobin has coached Mark de Jonge throughout his 200m career while he has won an Olympic bronze medal in 2012 and followed with a silver and two gold medals at the World Championships. Jobin was also Caroline Brunet’s coach between 2000 and 2004. During that time she earned Olympic silver and bronze medals and won five World Championship medals.

As the Men’s Kayak coach, Jobin will focus the new Olympic program which will include K1 200m, K1 1000m, K2 1000m and the new K4 distance of 500m.

“It will be a new challenge for me, and the athletes,” said Jobin. “Like when 200 metre events were added to the Olympic program, we had to adapt and push the limits. I feel extremely privileged to coach the entire Men’s Kayak group and together we will work hard to reach new heights.”

Jobin graduated from Laval University with a degree in Kinesiology. He continued on to complete a degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Montreal. Jobin started paddling at Lac Sergent in his youth before moving into coaching. He was the head coach of Lac Beauport Canoe Club From 1989 to 2008.

Chad Brooks to coach Women’s Kayak

Chad Brooks has been hired to coach Canoe Kayak Canada’s Women’s Kayak National Team program. Brooks has been a National Team Coach since 2013 where he has coached NextGen athletes and most recently has worked under the mentorship of National Men’s Kayak Coach, Frédéric Jobin.

Canoe Kayak Canada announced a partnership last October with the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic (CSCA) and the Atlantic Division CanoeKayak Canada (ADCKC) to develop a world-leading training environment in Nova Scotia for its National Women’s Kayak program. Brooks’ hiring will be an integral piece in realizing this vision. The Women’s Kayak program has been building momentum since going through a rebuilding period. The team earned four Women’s Kayak athlete quota spots for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and posted a top result of eighth place in the K4 500m.

“When I look at the talent that exists within Women’s Kayak in Canada, I have no doubt we can compete with the best the world has to offer,” said Brooks. “I’m excited to be part of fostering a program that these athletes and all Canadians can be proud to call their own.”

Brooks is in the process of completing his Advanced Coaching Diploma and is a NCCP competition-certified coach. Brooks started out paddling with his family at Orenda Canoe Club where he captured several national titles and his national best time in the Midget K1 6000m from 1996 stood for well over a decade. He was the head coach at Maskwa Aquatic Club for seven years before starting with the National Team.

Jan Kruk to coach Women’s Canoe

Jan Kruk has been selected to coach the Women’s Canoe National program as the discipline is slated to make its debut at the 2020 Olympic Games, subject to approval of the International Olympic Committee. Kruk was hired by Canoe Kayak Canada in 2014 to coach the NextGen Training Group for Atlantic Canada where he focused on supporting potential performers at the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games.

“Canada has been a world leader in Women’s Canoe and was instrumental in having the women’s canoe events added to the Olympic program,” said Kruk. “I look forward to working with the dedicated athletes within our system as we set our sights on Tokyo 2020.”

Kruk was a decorated national canoe team athlete for Poland. He has coached for many years in the club system in Canada, with much of his time being spent at Banook Canoe Club. He was also a personal coach of Tom Hall when he won the 1999 Junior World Championships.

Men’s Canoe Coach still to be determined

Canoe Kayak Canada has restructured its coaching staff to align with the new Olympic program, recommendations of an internal High Performance review and available resources. This restructuring created a new vision that places an emphasis on finding strong leaders, in addition to technically skilled candidates to fill each of these positions. The goal is to build a coaching staff focused on building team success for Tokyo and beyond.

The hiring process for the Men’s Canoe Coach has been extended. While this position is still open, Mark Granger, a current staff member will oversee the Men’s Canoe Program through the balance of the competitive season. Granger is an experienced National Coach with an excellent track record of leadership and performance. He is currently working with our Junior Program.

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Brendan Curson joins Chilliwack Centre of Excellence as head coach


The Chilliwack Centre of Excellence is thrilled to welcome Brendan Curson as their new head coach.

Brendan has been involved in the sport of kayaking as an athlete and coach for the past 30 years. During that time he has built a reputation nationally and internationally as a positive and driven coach, leader, and educator.

For the last 10 years, Brendan has been the Head Coach for the Saskatoon Whitewater Kayak Club developing top level whitewater athletes in a variety of disciplines in Saskatchewan.

He has also worked with the National Slalom program as a technical coach since 2008. Most recently he spent the last three years with the Junior/U23 Slalom team.

Brendan is a NCCP Competition Development Level III Canoe & Kayak Coach as well as a NCCP Level II Learning Facilitator for Canoe Kayak Canada.

With a background in education and a proud father of three children, Brendan brings with him a strong coaching philosophy and excellent knowledge of student-athlete development in Canada’s sport system.

Please join CKBC in welcoming Brendan and his family to British Columbia.