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Canoe Kayak Canada Names Canoe Slalom National Team


Canoe Kayak Canada is proud to name its national canoe slalom team following a weekend of trials in Kananaskis, AB. The team will represent Canada at World Cups in Europe starting in June and World Championships in Pau, France in September.

“We had some strong performances at trials and have a good mix of up-and-comers and veterans ready to race internationally,” said James Cartwright, Canoe Kayak Canada’s Whitewater High Performance Manager. “The team has a real sense of opportunity heading into this quadrennial and I’m excited for what’s to come.”

There are three quota spots per event. The top athletes in each class will represent Canada at World Cups and World Championships. Under 23 athletes, who qualified as alternates, will be given the opportunity to race World Cups 3.

Men’s Kayak

1) Michael Tayler (Ottawa, ON)
2) David Ford (Edmonton, AB)
3) Keenan Simpson (Ottawa, ON)
Alternate: Andrew Musgrave (Ottawa, ON)

Women’s Kayak

1) Florence Maheu (Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC)
2) Jessica Groeneveld (Innisfail, AB)
3) Lois Betteridge (Ottawa, ON)
Alternate: Reneo Ohler (Calgary, AB)

Men’s Canoe

1) Spencer Pomeroy (Ottawa, ON)
2) Cameron Smedley (Dunrobin, ON)
3) Yannick Laviolette (Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC)
Alternate: Liam Smedley (Dunrobin, ON)

Women’s Canoe

1) Haley Daniels (Calgary, AB)
2) Lois Betteridge (Ottawa, ON)

Competition Schedule

ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup 1 June 16-18 Prague, Czech Republic
ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup 2 June 23-25 Augsburg, Germany 
ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup 3*U23 athletes to compete in quotas 2 & 3 July 7-9 Markkleeberg, Germany
ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup 4 September 1-3 Ivrea, Italy
ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup final September 8-10 La Seu D’urgell, Spain
ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships September 27 – October 1 Pau, France


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Sprint and slalom national team trials conclude


Eight sprint and slalom paddlers from B.C. took part in this past weekend’s national team trials. The athletes represented Ridge Canoe & Kayak Club, Chinook Racing Canoe Club and the Chilliwack Centre of Excellence.

At the Sprint National Team Trials in Montreal, paddlers competed for selection to National Team including the contingent to represent Canada at World Cup competitions in Europe later this month.

Brian Malfesi (Ridge) was the top B.C. paddler as he finished 3rd in the K1 1000. He was also 8th in the K1 500 and 9th in the K1 200 B final.

In Kananaskis, AB, five B.C. paddlers took part in the Canoe Slalom Team Trials. They were also competing for sports on National Teams including for the World Cups in Europe beginning in June.

Jacob Kryworuchko (CCE) took three top spots in the C1 Junior category. And in the Cadet category, Finn Wakeling (CCE) finished in first in all four runs.

B.C. results:

Sprint National Team Trials (complete results)

  • K1 1000
    • Brian Malfesi (Ridge): 3rd A Final (3:39.940); 2nd Semi 3 (3:40.786); 1st Heat 3 (3:47.009)
    • Alex Brent (Ridge): 3rd B Final (3:45.216); 5th Semi 3 (3:43.328); 4th Heat 2 (3:55.553)
  • K1 500
    • Brian Malfesi (Ridge): 8th A Final (1:53.425); 1st Semi 3 (1:44.581); 1st Heat 6 (1:45.480)
    • Alex Brent (Ridge): 9th B Final (1:55.700); 4th Semi 2 (1:47.559); 4th Heat 6 (1:47.638)
    • Patrick Dann (Chinook): 7th Heat 5 (1:51.374)
  • K1 200
    • Brian Malfesi (Ridge): 9th B Final (0:38.013); 5th Semi 1 (0:37.876); 7th Heat 1 (0:39.349)
    • Patrick Dann (Chinook): 3rd C Final (0:38.968); 9th Semi 1 (0:38.976): 5th Heat 3 (0:39.223)

Canoe Slalom Team Trials (complete results)

  • C1 Junior
    • Jakob Kryworuchko (CCE): 1st Run 1 (198.48); 1st Run 2 (130.83); 2nd Run 3 (144.60); 1st Run 4 (121.37)
  • C1 Cadet
    • Finn Wakeling (CCE): 1st Run 1 (443.28); 1st Run 2 (360.06); 1st Run 3 (205.80) 1st Run 4 (238.73)
  • K1 Junior
    • Austin Akins (CCE): 4th Run 1 (109.45); 6th Run 2 (110.27); 7th Run 3 (102.80); 2nd Run 4 (95.17)
    • Finley Capstick (CCE): 6th Run 1 (114.71); 11th Run 2 (150.25); 10th Run 3 (107.70); 3rd Run 4 (96.36)
    • Avery Wilkins (CCE): 8th Run 1 (133.39); 7th Run 2 (124.16); 8th Run 3 (106.70); 7th Run 4 (105.96)


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Brendan Curson joins Chilliwack Centre of Excellence as head coach


The Chilliwack Centre of Excellence is thrilled to welcome Brendan Curson as their new head coach.

Brendan has been involved in the sport of kayaking as an athlete and coach for the past 30 years. During that time he has built a reputation nationally and internationally as a positive and driven coach, leader, and educator.

For the last 10 years, Brendan has been the Head Coach for the Saskatoon Whitewater Kayak Club developing top level whitewater athletes in a variety of disciplines in Saskatchewan.

He has also worked with the National Slalom program as a technical coach since 2008. Most recently he spent the last three years with the Junior/U23 Slalom team.

Brendan is a NCCP Competition Development Level III Canoe & Kayak Coach as well as a NCCP Level II Learning Facilitator for Canoe Kayak Canada.

With a background in education and a proud father of three children, Brendan brings with him a strong coaching philosophy and excellent knowledge of student-athlete development in Canada’s sport system.

Please join CKBC in welcoming Brendan and his family to British Columbia.

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Celebrating CKBC’s sibling paddlers


Today is Siblings Day – a day to honour your brother(s) and sister(s). So we thought we’d get to know a few of our paddling siblings.

First up is 19 year old Maksym Kryworuchko from the Chilliwack Center of Excellence. He and his brother Jakob are whitewater paddlers who medaled at last year’s Canadian Championships.

Who started paddling first?

Who is the most competitive?
I am definitely more competitive

Describe your paddling sibling(s) in three words.
Awesome; small doses

What is your funniest paddling memory of your sibling?
When I got into a feature cause I wasn’t paying attention, and he was just hysterically laughing at me

What is the best part of paddling with your sibling(s)?
Seeing him get better than me

And what is the worst?
Seeing him get better than me

Do you hang out together when you’re not paddling
I’m at school, but when I’m home yes

Who is the better paddler? And why?
He is because he has been training a lot more than me

If you could change one thing about your sibling(s), what would it be?
Go into finance cause I could help him get a job

Next is False Creek’s paddling duo of 13 year old Asha and 15 year old Arjun Cartagena-Senanayake.

Who started paddling first?
Asha: My brother
Arjun: Me

Who is the most competitive?
Asha: My brother
Arjun: Me

Describe your paddling sibling(s) in three words.
Asha: Annoying, funny, determined
Arjun: Lazy, Annoying, Skillful

What is your funniest paddling memory of your sibling?
Asha: When he was fooling around and accidentally hit his head on a boat
Arjun: Seeing her in a K4 and zig-zagging across False Creek.

What is the best part of paddling with your sibling(s)?
Asha: It makes it more fun
Arjun: Seeing her have fun

And what is the worst?
Asha: Sometimes he can be mean and annoying
Arjun: Having her annoy me during practice

Do you hang out together when you’re not paddling
Asha: Sometimes, it depends
Arjun: Sometimes, it depends

Who is the better paddler? And why?
Asha: My brother, because he’s more serious with the sport and he’s on the water more often
Arjun: Me, paddling longer, more mature, etc.

If you could change one thing about your sibling(s), what would it be?
Asha: No I think he’s just fine the way he is
Arjun: Make her stop calling me names when we paddle.

Siblings Day was created by Claudia Evart to honour the memory of her brother and sister who both died young. It is now a global event with siblings celebrating around the world. So regardless if you paddle with your siblings, take a moment today to let them know you’re thinking of them.

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CKC Whitewater Domestic Development Committee initiated


Canoe Kayak Canada has struck a new volunteer committee focused on growing the whitewater discipline at the grassroots and development level.

“This committee is a great step for the whitewater discipline and will go a long way in strengthening our domestic development programs and building a vibrant participation base,” said James Cartwright, Canoe Kayak Canada’s Whitewater Manager. “Having strong development programs is key to getting more participants into the sport and setting athletes up to succeed in all levels of competition.”

The nine-person Whitewater Domestic Development Committee will provide technical direction and oversight on programming and the whitewater national championships. The committee representatives were elected by the Whitewater Council following a call for candidates that attracted many qualified volunteers coming forward. The committee will meet on a monthly basis by conference call.

Role Name
Chair Mark Taylor
Club Representative Tyler Lawlor
Coach/Instructor Representative Claudia Van Wijk
Provincial/Territorial Representative Trevor Braun
Officials Representative Duncan Daniels
Freestyle Representative Trevor L’Heureux
Canoe Polo Representative Catherine O’Brien
Slalom Representative Anthony Colin
Wildwater Representative Warren Hastings

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In memory of whitewater pioneer Heinz Poenn


It is with sadness that Canoe Kayak Canada and Canoe Kayak BC have learned of the passing of Heinz Poenn. Heinz was a part of the first Whitewater team Canada ever sent to the World Championships in 1965 in Spittal, Austria. He competed in the Men’s K1 at the Munich 1972 Olympic Games when canoe slalom made its Olympic debut.

He was a National Team Coach and served on the ICF Slalom Committee where he was instrumental in bringing the Slalom and Downriver World Championships in Canada in 1979.

He helped to establish the Minden White Water Preserve on the Gull River. The site hosted canoe slalom events at the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games and Heinz was proudly in attendance.

He will be remembered fondly by those who knew him and takes his place in history for his dedicated role in helping to establish whitewater racing in North America.

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CKBC hosting two whitewater training camps in October

Whitewater camp-newsheader.png

Calling all whitewater paddlers for two training camps with national team coach Michal Staniszewski. These great opportunities for training and support takes place on the Tamihi Rapids in Chilliwack on October 21-23 and October 28-30.

Cost is $75 for CKBC competitive members and $100 for non-competitive members. Register early for a $25 discount.

See more details and online registration: